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Santorum’s 2012 Iowa Caucus Campaign Manager Returns

Of all the people that were part of Rick Santorum’s improbable 2012 Iowa caucus victory, Cody Brown probably gets the least amount of credit. It’s not because Brown didn’t play a vital role in the 2012 campaign, it’s be...
by Craig Robinson

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Pate: Cherish our Independence

Across our great nation, the Fourth of July weekend will be a time for fireworks, parades and barbecues. My hope is that while all Iowans enjoy the festivities, they will also spend some time this weekend cherishing what the Fo...
by The Iowa Republican



Is it the Iowa or Idaho Caucuses? Rand Paul seems Confused

This morning Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign team posted the following graphic on Facebook encouraging people to record an endorsement video.  The graphic shows the outline of the state of Iowa, but th...
by Craig Robinson


Takeaways from Iowa Quinnipiac Poll

It’s been almost a month since we have seen new polling data on the Republican field in Iowa. On Wednesday, Quinnipiac released its latest Iowa poll that shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the lead with 18 percent, foll...
by Craig Robinson


Iowa Republicans Appear to be Open to Immigration Reform

An Iowa presidential poll conducted back in April by the Partnership for a New American Economy, a group that advocates for immigration reform, shows that the actual views of Republican caucus goers on the hot-button issues may...
by Craig Robinson