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Jimmy Fallon of the Tonight Show may have just got himself a gig playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.
by The Iowa Republican


Voter’s First Forum Provides Clues to Thursday Night’s Debate

Last night’s Voters First Forum helped set the stage for Thursday’s Republican presidential debate. The structure of the forum didn’t really allow for any back and forth between the candidates, but it did give us a sense ...
by Craig Robinson



Hillary Clinton’s First Campaign Ad of 2016

Hillary Clinton has launched her first TV ad of the 2016 campaign. The spot tells the story of Clinton’s mother Dorothy, which is also the name of the spot. The 60-second ad features Clinton herself sharing her mother’s sto...
by Craig Robinson

Jeff Kaufmann 1

Kaufmann Slams Des Moines Register over Editorial Criticizing Grassley

DES MOINES – Chairman Jeff Kaufmann responded to the Des Moines Register’s editorial accusing Sen. Grassley of resorting to “undignified … school yard taunts” on the Senate floor. Statement from Chairm...
by The Iowa Republican

Lindsey Graham

Graham: “Obama is misjudging the Ayatollah the way people misjudged Hitler”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham might not have the standing in the national polls to make the main stage at Thursday night’s Fox News debate in Cleveland, but when it comes to national security and foreign affairs, nobo...
by Craig Robinson