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State Capitol Building, Iowa

Iowa’s Community Colleges Need to Follow the Regents Lead

Recently, the Iowa State Senate passed a $989 million education budget for fiscal year 2015.  The bill increases funding for the state’s regent universities, community colleges, and it also funds some of Governor Branstad’...
by Craig Robinson

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Grand View CRs Shared Forum Questions with Activists; Now Coordinating with Bierfeldt, RPI for U.S. Senate Forum

Although they refused to share candidate questions for the U.S. Senate forum with the co-sponsor of the event, the Grand View College Republicans apparently had no qualms about sharing the questions with outside activists. The ...
by Kevin Hall


Polk GOP Pulls Out of Sponsoring U.S. Senate Forum at Grand View

The Polk County Republican Party decided to withdraw it’s sponsorship of a U.S. Senate forum scheduled for Wednesday night due to a dispute with the co-sponsors, the Grand View College Republicans. The event is scheduled ...
by Kevin Hall


Hatch gasps

The Hatch Plan: A Tax on a Tax

The Branstad-Reynolds campaign sent two press releases today regarding Democrat opponent Jack Hatch. One release pointed out the Des Moines state senator’s plan to end federal deductibility for Iowa taxpayers. Essentially...
by Kevin Hall

Ruth Ann Gaines sleeping

Iowa Democrat Rep Snoozes During Oversight Hearing

Iowa House Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines has seemingly taken a newfound interest in her role on the Government Oversight Committee. The Des Moines Democrat appeared to fall asleep several times during a committee hearing two weeks ago. ...
by Kevin Hall

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Whisenand Elected to SCC; Jorgensen Takes Leave to Help Clovis; Carroll’s FOIA Request of Senate Dems Denied

Polk County GOP Co-Chair Sherill Whisenand is the newest member of the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee, which is essentially the state party’s board of directors. Whisenand was a unanimous choice by the T...
by Kevin Hall