Mitt McCain

Romney > McCain but Not By Much

By Craig Robinson The 2012 election didn’t go the way that Republicans had hoped.  Things are bad for the Republican Party.  Actually things are really bad.  Instead of launching into a critique of the election results hou...
by Craig Robinson

Paul Ryan in DSM

Paul Ryan Predicts Victory During Election Eve Visit to Iowa

The Romney/Ryan ticket staged one last Iowa rally on the eve of Election Day, hoping their final push would secure the state’s six electoral votes. Vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan spoke to a standing room only crowd of 1,...
by Kevin Hall

Romney Final Rally

Mitt Romney and Iowa: A Long Journey Together to the White House

It was Mitt Romney’s Iowa swan song. For at least six years, he has pursued the highest office in the land. All along, Romney’s path to the Oval Office ran straight through the Hawkeye State. On Sunday morning, in front of ...
by Kevin Hall


Romney campaigns at Dubuque airport

Romney, Obama deliver closing arguments in Dubuque

DUBUQUE, Iowa — President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney converged in Dubuque Saturday during the closing stretch of the presidential campaign to sway a shrinking segment of swing voters in Iowa and neighboring Wisconsin. ...
by Jeff Patch

Paul Ryan in CF photo

“As Goes Eastern Iowa, So Goes the Nation”

Congressional candidate Ben Lange summed up the situation perfectly. As the presidential race tightens in the final days of the campaign, it is becoming increasingly clear that Iowa’s six electoral votes could play a huge rol...
by Kevin Hall


Romney Farm

Iowa State Of The Race

By David Kochel Iowa Strategist for Romney For President The thrill is gone. And in Iowa, the Obama firewall is burning. Today’s headline on Politico said it all:Obama to End Campaign In Iowa. Mitt Romney is going to win Iowa...
by The Iowa Republican