South Carolina Primer

Four years ago, I spent about ten days in South Carolina for the First in the South primary. It was fascinating getting to experience what it’s like in another early state, and it was also nice to escape Iowa’s winter weath...
by Craig Robinson

BVP Trump

Bob Vander Plaats Admits He Failed at his Day Job

When Bob Vander Plaats personally endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz on December 10th, he made sure that the assembled media understood that the organization that he leads, The FAMiLY Leader, voted unanimously to “remain a stand...
by Craig Robinson


If Trump Can’t Handle The Truth, Neither Can Cruz

Since the Iowa Caucuses, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have been frequent sparring partners. The ferocity of their attacks, however, has escalated since the campaign moved on to South Carolina. The Cruz campaign has h...
by Craig Robinson


Trump DSM

Trump in Command of South Carolina, but a Much Different Race is on the Horizon

Except for one Monmouth University poll that showed Dr. Ben Carson with a one-point lead in South Carolina back in early November, Donald Trump has led every poll in the Palmetto state since late July. Trump hasn’t just led i...
by Craig Robinson


Prepare for Battle: The 2016 Election Just Became Even More Significant

The untimely death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia not only will change the makeup and demeanor of the U.S. Supreme Court, but it’s also safe to say that the ensuing nomination process to find his replacement on the b...
by Craig Robinson



Cruz vs. Cruz: Where he stands apparently depends on which state he’s in.

A week ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz scored a big victory in Iowa, garnering over 51,000 votes. It’s record breaking number that is even more impressive when you consider that one of the state’s largest special interests, the...
by Craig Robinson