Grassley Stands Firm on Supreme Court Vacancy

Prepared Floor Statement of Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa Chairman, Senate Committee on the Judiciary The Supreme Court vacancy, Executive Power, and Checks and Balances Monday, March 7, 2016 Mr. President, the American people...
by Grassley Press


Don’t Overlook Rubio’s Island Hopping Strategy

It was my belief that Sen. Marco Rubio would have capitalized off of a strong third place finish in Iowa by now, but the Rubio campaign’s poor campaign strategy of believing that early wins were not important combined with a ...
by Craig Robinson

Trump DSM

Trump Shows Strength on Super Tuesday

Even as establishment Republicans intensified the attacks on Donald Trump over the past week to ten days, the New York billionaire continued to put up impressive wins and continue his march to the Republican nomination. Trump p...
by Craig Robinson


Rubio Trump

Rubio Roasts Trump in Texas Debate

Florida Senator Marco Rubio may have yet to win a state in the Republican presidential nomination fight, but he scored a key win in what will probably go down as the most important primary debate of the cycle. Much was riding o...
by Craig Robinson


Trump Wins Nevada

With 100 percent of the results now in, Donald Trump won the Nevada Caucuses with 46 percent of the vote, nearly doubling Marco Rubio who finished in second place with 24 percent of the vote. Once again, Ted Cruz finished in th...
by Craig Robinson



It’s not the Cruz campaign that’s the problem, it’s the candidate.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was supposed to be a different kind of conservative presidential candidate. He was supposed to be unique because not only did he have impeccable conservative credentials, but he also proved he could raise...
by Craig Robinson