Lincoln’s Lesson for Memorial Day

By Congressman Steve King Memorial Day is America’s most solemn national holiday. It is the day Americans pay tribute to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who lost their lives in service to the nat...
by The Iowa Republican


Reagan’s Memorial Day Remarks at Arlington National Cemetery

May 31, 1982 In America’s cities and towns today, flags will be placed on graves in cemeteries; public officials will speak of the sacrifice and the valor of those whose memory we honor. In 1863, when he dedicated a small...
by The Iowa Republican


The TRUTH About Medicare

By Betsy McCaughey A toxic political strategy is heading to Iowa, threatening to bamboozle voters and allow the 2012 election to turn on a lie. Democrats are making the obscenely false claim that they will “save Medicare ...
by The Iowa Republican



Million Dollar Sarah Palin Film to Premiere Here In Iowa in June

by Dave Davidson – Hey Iowa straw poll voters get ready for some Palin praise or do you say propaganda?  Ready or not, Palin or not – Sarah Palin is coming to town… at least she is on the silver screen.  Rem...
by TEApublican


Congressman King Reacts to Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

Congressman Steve King released the following statement after attending today’s Joint Meeting of Congress to receive an address from the Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu. Last week, President Barack Obama endo...
by The Iowa Republican



Iowa Congressmen Forget Forgotten War

By Nathan Tucker The American involvement in the Libyan War is at an end.  Or at least it should be under the War Powers Act.  From general congressional and media apathy, however, one would never know that there was still a ...
by Nathan W. Tucker