2015 Iowa Straw Poll

RPI Makes Changes to May 28th Straw Poll Meeting

Below is an email that was sent to the potential presidential campaigns about the Iowa Straw Poll. We have received a lot of logistical questions since our first email regarding the May 28 meeting. We realized that we need to m...
by The Iowa Republican

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Everyday Iowans Can’t Name Single Hillary Clinton Accomplishment

Hillary Clinton is finding that there are limits not only on her tightly scripted campaign, but her resume as well. The party faithful in Iowa are lukewarm on her candidacy and can’t name a single accomplishment from her time...
by The Iowa Republican


Live Coverage of the Republican Party of Iowa’s Lincoln Dinner

Eleven announced and likely 2016 presidential candidates will take the stage at the Iowa Events Center in Des Moines tonight for the Republican Party of Iowa’s Annual Lincoln Dinner. Here is the speaking order. Senator Ri...
by Craig Robinson


fuel gauge showing and empty tank

Rhetoric Used to Pass Gas Tax Increase Comes Up Empty

Written by Dr. Don Racheter President of Public Interest Institute Anyone who has been around a while knows politicians who have said one thing in a campaign, but then when they got elected did quite another thing. But it is ra...
by The Iowa Republican


Iowa’s Straw Poll In Competition from RedState’s Erick Erickson

Last week the Republican Party of Iowa announced some minor changes to the 2016 version of the illustrious Iowa Straw Poll. No candidates have publically announced that they are participating in the event, but five candidates h...
by Craig Robinson


Jerry Tweeten

Iowa Republicans Mourn the Loss of Jerry Tweeten

The Republican Party of Iowa is mourning the loss of Jerry Tweeten, a long-time activist who died Tuesday morning after succumbing to injuries sustained during a fall. Tweeten was the chairman of the Winnebago County Republica...
by Craig Robinson