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Republican Presidential Hopefuls Once Again Set to Make Annual Pilgrimage to Ames

With an open U.S. Senate seat for the first time in forty years and two open congressional seats, Iowa Republicans are focused on this fall’s general election. Yet underneath all the 2014 campaign activities, potential Republ...
by Craig Robinson

Branstad veterans

Branstad Fulfilling Commitment to Veterans, Promises More

DES MOINES – During Terry Branstad’s return to politics in 2010, he openly advocated for making Iowa more accommodating toward military veterans. Four years later, there is no question Branstad has achieved that goal. B...
by Kevin Hall

Tom Miller

Gregg Calls on Iowa Attorney General Miller to Stop Raising Campaign Donations from Investigation Targets

“Raising money from the targets of open investigations creates the perception that justice is for sale.” DES MOINES—Johnston attorney and Republican Attorney General nominee Adam Gregg today called on Iowa Attorney Genera...
by The Iowa Republican



In Support of Israel as it Battles Terrorism

DES MOINES—Hamas, which has been declared a terrorist organization by the American government, the E.U., and others, has significantly increased its assault on Israeli citizens by launching over 1,000 rockets over the las...
by The Iowa Republican

Bierfeldt RPI

Former Iowa GOP Executive Director Walks Away With $38k – Leaves RPI Broke

A March press release announcing the resignation of A.J. Spiker as chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) boasted, “Spiker leaves the Republican Party of Iowa with more than $300,000 cash on hand, zero debt and with a...
by Craig Robinson


ben carson

Ben Carson Plans First Iowa Trip, Headlines Polk GOP Fundraiser

Des Moines, IA.—The Republican Party of Polk County will host a Summer Sizzle & Straw Pollon Sunday, August 24 from 5-8 p.m. at the Izaak Walton League Center, 4343 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines. National, state ...
by The Iowa Republican