Carson at CPAC (Davidson)

Carson Shines with Iowa Social Conservatives

DES MOINES – The Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats has told more than one reporter that he believes Ben Carson is more than a candidate, he is a movement. That opinion was reinforced Saturday after Carson headlined The Fami...
by Kevin Hall


Fremont County Supervisor Puts Her Hat in the Ring for Senate District 12 Race

Cara Morgan (R-Hamburg) and her husband Brandon and have been married for 9 years. They have 3 children Mavryc (7), Czandrya (4), and Cytara (18 mo.). They currently live on an acreage outside of Hamburg where they have horses...
by The Iowa Republican


Costello, Other Republicans Eyeing Ernst’s State Senate Seat

Just when you thought election season was over, it’s about to begin again. In fact, southwest Iowans could be involved in two primary and two general elections over the next few months. First up, there will be a special elect...
by Kevin Hall


Iowa National Guard

Initial Reaction to Iowa National Guard Deployment to Fight Ebola

An Iowa National Guard unit is expected to send approximately 80 of their soldiers to West Africa next year to help stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. The deployment, ordered by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, af...
by Kevin Hall

Gas Tax

A Gas Tax Debate is Coming, but Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Paper

Investing in Iowa’s roads and bridges is something that people from both political parties agree is a priority.  However, where the addition money needed to fund these improvements should come from is where the debate really...
by Craig Robinson


state capitol

Iowa House, Senate Republicans Reelect Leadership Teams; Military Service Helps GOP Candidates

DES MOINES – The Iowa House and Senate Republicans both decided to keep their leadership teams intact following last Tuesday’s elections. Both groups caucused Monday at the State Capitol to conduct elections. Senate Republi...
by Kevin Hall