Vetting Ted Cruz

By Rev. Cary K. Gordon I personally respect Senator Ted Cruz for many reasons, not the least of which was his firm and valiant refusal to surrender (along with most of the feckless U. S. Senate Republicans) on the great Constit...
by Rev. Cary K. Gordon


Rand, W, and National High-Five Day – The Weekly Round Up

Rand Stands for Term Limits, but Run for As Many Offices As You Wish The Des Moines Register published an article about the potential problems with Senator Rand Paul running for re-election to the Senate while simultaneously ru...
by Craig Robinson

Dutchy and Maggie

Goodbye Dutchy

The spring of 2005 was an exciting time. After three years of marriage, my wife Mandy was graduating from law school at the University of Iowa. Convinced that we were now officially all grown up, we purchased our first home in ...
by Craig Robinson


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Progressivism In These United States

An essay inspired by the book, “a Storm, a Message, a Bottle” Written by Rev. Cary K. Gordon It is often necessary to provide strong contrasts in order to clearly define things in our minds. For example, it is muc...
by Rev. Cary K. Gordon

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Rand, Rham, and how many dead people will vote in Chicago’s election today

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by The Iowa Republican



Respect and Tolerance Are Being Left out of Religious Freedom Debate

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has dominated the headlines across the country this week. Even my morning ritual of feeding my son while watching the Dan Patrick show has been impacted by Indiana’s new la...
by Craig Robinson