National Security First

By Mike Rogers On Monday as you go to caucus, remember that the first duty of your pick for president is as commander-in-chief of our military.  The threat matrix arrayed against the United States is as bad as I have ever seen...
by The Iowa Republican

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A Raucous Iowa Caucus

By Rev. Cary K. Gordon I have spent this political season approaching things differently than in past years. Each cycle I am humbled by a string of candidates who want me to endorse them over and above their rivals, with the ex...
by Rev. Cary K. Gordon


Road Trip: Four GOP Candidates, 40 Protesters, and Donald

Sometimes we don’t appreciate just how fortunate we are to live in Iowa. This is especially true when it comes to presidential politics. On Tuesday, I hit the road and covered four different presidential candidates in the spa...
by Craig Robinson



Carson Campaign Tragedy Gives us all Pause

It was May of 1999. I had just graduated college. In the next thirty days, I would leave the cozy confines of college and head to Des Moines to go to work for Steve Forbes’ presidential campaign. I laugh at the notion of havi...
by Craig Robinson


Crunch Time: Rubio, Trump, and Cruz

Two weeks from tonight, Iowans will caucus, and the 2016 nomination process will officially be underway. Candidates are crisscrossing the state in the bitter cold. The Iowa weather in January can be harsh and unpredictable. Yet...
by Craig Robinson


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TIR on Cavuto was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Friday. Here is the segment in which we discusssed the Carson and Bush campaign shakeups. Watch the latest video at
by Craig Robinson