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Loyalty Shouldn’t Be So Rare in Politics

I’m a glutton for punishment. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. My favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. My favorite college team is the Iowa Hawkeyes. Everyone knows that the last time the Cubs won the Wo...
by Craig Robinson


On Immigration: An Open Letter to Candidates from Early State Voters

By Jeff Angelo To help out my fellow early-state voters, I’ve prepared a form letter for you to send to your favorite candidates. No thanks are necessary. * * * Dear [candidate name]: First of all, let me say that I’...
by The Iowa Republican

Scott Walker Iowa Machine Shed 3-25-15 (3)-X3

Walker: While Hillary Clinton Fights for the Ruling Class, I’m Fighting for the Middle Class

By Gov. Scott Walker Right now, every-day Americans are fed up. The ruling-class of special interests and bureaucrats in Washington think they’re above playing by the same rules as everyone else. No one personifies this more ...
by Scott Walker


US Capitol

To Rule or To Govern

I was preparing for my weekly broadcast on our Sioux City Catholic radio network when I came across a recent article by Angelo Codevilla—a sort of addendum to his seminal article written for the American Spectator in 2010. In...
by Sam Clovis

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Video: Americans Struggle to Name a GOP Candidate Who Isn’t Trump

The Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph and Claire LeJeune took a stroll on the National Mall to see how many of the 17 declared Republican candidates for president people could name. Not surprisingly, many of the people they ...
by The Iowa Republican



Storms Abrewin’

By Sam Clovis Over the past several months, I’ve made a habit of watching the Sunday talk shows. It’s not that I think the shows provide the slightest bit of enlightenment above their entertainment value, but I do find wat...
by Sam Clovis