Maybe Gingrich Can’t Afford to Drop Presidential Bid

Newt Gingrich saw more members of his presidential campaign bolt yesterday. This time it was his top fundraising consultants. Any time fundraisers either leave voluntarily or are jettisoned by a campaign just days before an imp...
by Craig Robinson


Pawlenty Is The Wrong Candidate To Challenge Romney on Heathcare

Depending on how you want to call it, most of the Republican candidates came out of Monday night’s debate in New Hampshire happy.  The only exception is former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who is being ridiculed over his...
by Craig Robinson


Romney Measured The Drapes?

Mitt Romney seems to have gotten ahead of himself.  The day after the New Hampshire CNN debate, Romney told a New Hampshire business owner, “I will probably be back in four years. Only this time it will be a larger group and...
by Craig Robinson



The Worst Political Ad Ever

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman will announce his campaign for president five days from now.  Unknown by most Republicans, Huntsman is the darling of the media.  Yesterday Huntsman released the following video as a teaser l...
by Craig Robinson


Glen Massie Explains Why Ron Paul And Recent Pro Life Controversy

State Representative of House District 74, Glen Massie has 3 three timely responses in light of recent news. Video #1 Massie explains why he is endorsing Ron Paul for president. Video #2 Massie explains the sequence of events c...
by TEApublican



Will We See The Straw Poll Chicken Again?

Four years ago John McCain was stalked by a person in a chicken suit after he announced he would not participate in the Ames Straw Poll. It was widely suspected that one of Romney’s Iowa advisors was behind the anonymous man ...
by Craig Robinson