Hey Josh Hafner, Santorum “Talked More About Gay Marriage” Only Because You Asked Him Privately

Saturday’s Des Moines Register headline “Santorum talks more on gay marriage in Winterset” is a bit misleading.  The only reason Santorum mentioned marriage is because Josh Hafner asked him about it alone d...
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Monday’s Triple Espresso: Newt Returns, Paul Tours, Cain Opens Office Today

My central Iowa Prezography paparazzi  plan today will be with Ron Paul at 10am, Newt Gingrich at 1pm and Herman Cain at 5pm.  See you there… Ron Paul When: July 11, 2011, 10:00 a.m. Where: Smokey Row Coffee House,...
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Will The Real Romney Supporters Here In Iowa Please Stand Up?

So I’m reading about this recent poll where Romney leads Iowa voters a percentage point ahead with 23%.  Bachmann follows with 22% and Cain at 10% with the other candidates following after that. I go to many political ev...
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Prezography Michele Bachmann At Tea Party Finale

After 2 weeks of trekking across Iowa, the Tea Party Bus Tour landed in Des Moines Saturday July 2nd colliding with the start of the Michele Bachmann’s bus tour.   Together the momentum and message made sparks fit for a...
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Herman Cain “I Am The Growth Candidate”

Herman Cain campaigned in Iowa on July 3rd in Indianola and Winterset. “I am the growth candidate,” said Cain when comparing himself to other candidates and reflecting on recent polls. “We will lose no momentu...
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Where Does Senator Harkin Spend the 4th of July? Washington D.C.

I know the U.S. Senate is foregoing its 4th of July recess in order to continue the negotiations on the debt ceiling, but it still seems odd that Senator Harkin chose to spend the 4th of July holiday with Michigan Senator Carl ...
by Craig Robinson