August 10th 2011 (17)

“Lots of Reasons” Mitt’s Miss Hits Are Not Smoother Than Neighborhood Dog S**t?

Sandpaper toiletpaper is smooth as it sounds. There is no way to spin the smoothness of sandpaper toiletpaper. Even if it comes in the form of a doggie pooper scooper from Gary Johnson’s neighbor’s dog. Jason Noble ...
by TEApublican

Golding Wins

Cindy Golding Wins SD 18 Republican Nomination

Cedar Rapids Businesswoman Cindy Golding won the Republican nomination in Senate District 18 with 51 percent of the vote on Thursday night. Golding edged out Mary Rathje and Matt Dummermuth on the first ballot. Golding will now...
by Craig Robinson

Prezography Blurb Covers Ron Paul back centered

Prezography Book Of Ron Paul Is New Full Color Book Release

Ron Paul has been coming to Iowa periodically since 2008 and photographer (Prezographer) Dave Davidson has usually been there. Enjoy this photo essay by clicking the preview icon below. Order a full color paperback or hardback ...
by TEApublican


Prezography Blurb Covers bachmann final

“Queen of Stage” Photogenic Michele Bachmann Featured In Prezography Book

In the wake of Newsweek’s “covergate” debate about using a unflattering photo of the photogenic Michele Bachmann, photographer Dave Davidson has proof Michele Bachmann does indeed have one of the best smiles...
by TEApublican


This Just In – Mike Huckabee And His Show Will Be At Ames Straw Poll

Reliable sources from the Iowa Huck Pac confirm they have been told that Mike Huckabee and his show will be at the Ames Straw Poll Saturday August 13th.  While his priority task will likely be to film and air his self titled w...
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Santorum Saturday Winterset (203)-2

Hey Josh Hafner, Santorum “Talked More About Gay Marriage” Only Because You Asked Him Privately

Saturday’s Des Moines Register headline “Santorum talks more on gay marriage in Winterset” is a bit misleading.  The only reason Santorum mentioned marriage is because Josh Hafner asked him about it alone d...
by TEApublican