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50 Days Out: The State of the Races

With 50 days remaining before the election it seems a good time for a quick overview of Iowa’s four Congressional races.  There is much that one could say about each of the races, so I will focus on just a few factors for ea...
by Tim Hagle

Romney and Iowa

Professor Hagle’s Final Republican Caucus Power Rankings

Happy New Year everyone! It shouldn’t be surprising that the last two weeks have been busy, even with breaks for the holidays. As always, I’ll begin with a summary of significant events from the past two weeks and then give...
by Tim Hagle


Professor Hagle’s Republican Caucus Power Rankings for 12/19/11

It’s not surprising that a lot is going on in the caucus race as we entered the December push before Christmas.  Ads are on TV for several of the candidates, mailers are going out regularly, there were two debates in Iowa in...
by Tim Hagle



Republican Caucus Power Rankings for 12/5/11

This is my assessment of the Republican caucus race over the last two weeks.  After some discussion of the period’s events and activities I conclude with my estimation of who would win the caucuses if they were held now (tho...
by Tim Hagle

mitt #1

Republican Caucus Power Rankings for 11/21/11

Let me start with a few words of introduction.  Since March I have been a contributor to the Power Rankings that were posted about every two weeks at the Iowa Independent.  Major changes at that website caused the discontinua...
by Tim Hagle