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The Dynamics of the Season, Part I

By Sam Clovis From the start, one must be reminded that the goal of the Republican Party this election cycle is to replace the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation’s capitol—or at least it should be. ...
by Sam Clovis


First Time in the Barrel

As might seem obvious to the most casual of observers, having a conservative talk radio show might thrust one into the deep end of the political pool without much warm-up. Such as been my experience over the past 18 months or s...
by Sam Clovis


Exceptional Country—Exceptional Iowa

By Sam Clovis Like many folks, I had a wonderful day in Des Moines on Saturday attending the Conservative Principles Conference sponsored by Steve King, Iowa’s 5th District Representative.  Lots of great speeches and lots of...
by Sam Clovis



2012: It’s Wide Open

By Sam Clovis As was reported on this site last week, several potential presidential candidates came to Iowa to test the waters and raise awareness of their intentions.  Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Buddy Roemer a...
by Sam Clovis


Tricks of the Trade

By Sam Clovis This weekend I found some very interesting reading on a number of websites.  As seems to be the buzz right now, most of the pundits are still musing about Wisconsin and Ohio and the rights, rolls and refinements ...
by Sam Clovis



Power Versus Service

By Sam Clovis The more I hear about what is going on in Wisconsin, the more confused I get about what the term popular sovereignty really means.  To most of us, popular sovereignty captures the idea that those who govern do so...
by Sam Clovis