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Lest We Be Fooled

Last week was a tough one for conservatives across the country.  First, we had to endure the cat-scratching of the RNC over the incredibly misguided Growth and Opportunity Project report and then we had to feel the full heat o...
by Sam Clovis

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The Dynamics of the Season, Part IV

By Sam Clovis Now that I have over-generalized and over-simplified the various facets of the three dominant political philosophies in play in the Republican Party of Iowa, perhaps now I ought to discuss why any of this should m...
by Sam Clovis

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The Dynamics of the Season, Part III

By Sam Clovis It seems whenever I encounter someone who admits they are a moderate they give the impression that being around a conservative makes them uncomfortable.  Though the moderates are loyal to the republican party, th...
by Sam Clovis



The Dynamics of the Season, Part II

By Sam Clovis The libertarian way of thinking can be summed up in just four words—minimum government, maximum freedom.  In a recent interview on our station, Carla Howell, executive director of the Libertarian National Commi...
by Sam Clovis


The Dynamics of the Season, Part I

By Sam Clovis From the start, one must be reminded that the goal of the Republican Party this election cycle is to replace the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in our nation’s capitol—or at least it should be. ...
by Sam Clovis



First Time in the Barrel

As might seem obvious to the most casual of observers, having a conservative talk radio show might thrust one into the deep end of the political pool without much warm-up. Such as been my experience over the past 18 months or s...
by Sam Clovis