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Santorum Visits Brownells to Discuss 2nd Amendment Issues with Employees

“The Second Amendment is there to protect the First,” Rick Santorum told an employee town hall in Brownells 200,000 square-foot warehouse in Grinnell Friday afternoon. The former Pennsylvania senator and winner of t...
by Polly Twocents

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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words…

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign logo seems to be generating a lot more attention than the official announcement of her candidacy. Twitter lit up with people weighing in on the logo...
by Polly Twocents

Ted Cruz TFL Summit

Cruz Shines Again at Family Leadership Summit

AMES – Ted Cruz greatly bolstered his status with Iowa Caucus goers with a sterling speech at last year’s Family Leadership Summit. The Texas senator shined again at the 2014 event. Several potential GOP presidentia...
by Polly Twocents


David Young in Van Meter 2

Young’s Hometown Boosts His Congressional Campaign

VAN METER – David Young supporters—including his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jones— turned out Sunday afternoon for a fundraiser at the Bob Feller Museum in Van Meter, Young’s hometown. Sen. Charles Grassley introduc...
by Polly Twocents

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Book Review: Blue Collar Conservative: Recommitting to an America that Works

Blue Collar Conservative: Recommitting to an America that Works Rick Santorum Regnery Publishing, 216 pages; Amazon $16.79, Kindle $14.99 Books by presidential candidates are one of the harbingers that campaign season is just a...
by Polly Twocents



TIR Movie Review – Son of God

Timed to coincide with the start of Lent on Wednesday, Son of God opened Thursday night in Des Moines and on 3,254 theater screens across the country. There were only a handful of people at the suburban theater where I took in ...
by Polly Twocents