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By Nathan Tucker The long, slow death of federalism is nearly complete.  While perhaps an enthusiasm boost for the GOP heading into the November election, the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision is yet another nail in the cof...
by Nathan W. Tucker

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By Nathan Tucker In the debate over Obamacare, Congressional Republicans are in complete agreement with Democrats that government must solve the “healthcare problem,” they just simply disagree as to the means.  Unfortunate...
by Nathan W. Tucker

We The People

Who Protects Unalienable Right?

By Nathan Tucker Does the protection of the unborn’s unalienable right to life trump federalism?  In the wake of Congressman Ron Paul’s vote against the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act of 2012, the pro-life community has q...
by Nathan W. Tucker



Aiding Our Defense

By Nathan Tucker Paraphrasing a plank found in the Libertarian Party platform, Section 11.8 of the proposed 2012 Iowa Republican Party platform states that “we support the elimination of foreign aid.”  A long held position...
by Nathan W. Tucker



By Nathan Tucker We, as taxpayers, have been Keloed.  It is amazing how the same politicians who criticized the Supreme Court’s decision in Kelo allowing the government to seize one person’s property to give to another hav...
by Nathan W. Tucker



Constitutional Genocide

By Nathan Tucker Ron Paul, as some commentators have pointed out, is a pro-life fraud who played the abortion issue in hopes of winning social conservative voters in his bid to win the Republican nomination for president.  Lik...
by Nathan W. Tucker