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By Nathan Tucker The message of the Obama campaign is clear—Mitt Romney is a vulture capitalist who only made his millions by destroying jobs.  As Mark Steyn humorously put it:  “Mitt Kills.  Warning From The Surgeon Gen...
by Nathan W. Tucker

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Creative Destruction

By Nathan Tucker Priorities USA Action, an Obama super PAC, released an attack ad this week implicating Mitt Romney in the reckless homicide of the wife of an employee Romney never met.  The ad blames Bain Capital’s decision...
by Nathan W. Tucker



By Nathan Tucker The most troubling aspect of Solyndra is not that its collapse cost taxpayers $500 million, but that politicians in both political parties continue to play venture capitalist at all.  In an effort to “grow t...
by Nathan W. Tucker




By Nathan Tucker President Obama’s infamous remarks at Roanoke are premised in socialism—the conviction that government action is needed to make the free market fairer and more equitable.  It is the mistaken belief, shared...
by Nathan W. Tucker



By Nathan Tucker Obama’s America is one built on a socialist social compact in which everyone is guaranteed a middle-class lifestyle, paid for by those who reach the upper income brackets because of this indispensable collect...
by Nathan W. Tucker




By Nathan Tucker President Obama proposed this week to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 a year, while extending the Bush-era tax cuts for a mere one year for those under that threshold.  Though decrying the tactic as ...
by Nathan W. Tucker