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A Rendezvous With Reality

By Nathan Tucker Though the media constantly refers to the looming tax hikes and spending cuts at the end of the year as the fiscal cliff, the reality is that we’re already over the edge and are free-falling towards the botto...
by Nathan W. Tucker

A US flag is held by a marcher in front

Inconvenient Truths

By Nathan Tucker In what can charitably be described as an act of political expediency, Iowa’s most conservative member of Congress embraced an activist decision by the U.S. Supreme Court as “constitutional” and encourage...
by Nathan W. Tucker


Let Detroit Go Bankrupt

By Nathan Tucker President Obama gives businesses federal loan guarantees before they declare bankruptcy, while Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney wants to give them the loans after they’ve already failed and declare...
by Nathan W. Tucker



Justice Wiggins – A Career of Activism

By Nathan Tucker In the debate over the upcoming judicial retention vote in Iowa, defenders of Justice Wiggins argue that his judicial career shouldn’t be decided solely by his vote legalizing gay marriage in Varnum.  Instea...
by Nathan W. Tucker


Getting A Fair Share

By Nathan Tucker In his closing remarks during last week’s presidential debate, President Obama candidly described America as a place where “everybody’s getting a fair shot.  And everybody’s getting a fair share....
by Nathan W. Tucker



Judicial Rants

By Nathan Tucker In its 2009 Varnum decision, a unanimous Iowa Supreme Court discovered a right to gay marriage in the state’s constitution.  Disgusted, two years ago Iowa voters took the unprecedented step of removing the t...
by Nathan W. Tucker