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Sorenson and Paul

Kevin’s Korner: Big Liberty Broken, Poll Tolls and Unsettled Science

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom. There is no joy here at the downfall of Kent Sorenson. Although it was’s reporting th...
by Kevin Hall

MIchelle Malkin

Malkin: Steve King is a “National Treasure”

SIOUX CITY-Two of the liberals’ most reviled targets united Thursday evening in Sioux City. Nationally renowned conservative blogger, pundit and best-selling author Michelle Malkin delivered the keynote address at Congressman...
by Kevin Hall

Olson and Hatch pray for abortion

FLASHBACK: Hatch, Petersen Pray for Abortions During Democrat Rally

Exactly one year ago, on August 28, 2013, Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Jack Hatch joined fellow Democrats in an extended prayer for abortion during a rally at the State Capitol. Hatch, along with State Senator Janet Petersen,...
by Kevin Hall



Sorenson Pleads Guilty to Concealing Federal Campaign Expenditures; UPDATED with Statement from Sorenson Attorney

Former State Senator Kent Sorenson pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal election crimes and obstructing an investigation into that conduct. The investigation goes into Sorenson’s work as the state chairman for Michele Bach...
by Kevin Hall

Hatch gasps

Hatch Blocked Senate Bill to Pocket Millions in Tax Credits (VIDEO ADDED)

Jack Hatch’s hypocrisy on tax credits seemingly knows no bounds. The liberal state senator from Des Moines criticizes Governor Branstad for giving companies tax credits for a fertilizer plant that created 1,800 jobs and will ...
by Kevin Hall


Ben Carson First Iowa Speech 2014 (262)-L

Carson Connects on First Iowa Trip (VIDEO)

Almost 400 people packed into the Izaak Walton League banquet hall in Des Moines for the first Iowa speech from rising conservative star Ben Carson. Some attendees travelled from as far away at Kansas City and Minneapolis. Repu...
by Kevin Hall