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Santorum Saturday Winterset (203)-2

Hey Josh Hafner, Santorum “Talked More About Gay Marriage” Only Because You Asked Him Privately

Saturday’s Des Moines Register headline “Santorum talks more on gay marriage in Winterset” is a bit misleading.  The only reason Santorum mentioned marriage is because Josh Hafner asked him about it alone d...
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Pawlenty Scores At Pucks and Pizza Event

Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty scored in more ways than one today. With scorching temperatures outside Pawlenty, who has been playing hockey since high school, showcased his passion for the sport in a pick up game at a local Des Mo...
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bob and flags by Dave Davidson

the FAMiLY LEADER Responds

 Bob Vander Plaats Repsonds – the Marriage Vow Video     Tim Pawlenty respectfully declines to sign Iowa marriage pledge Stephen Colbert weighs in on Iowa marriage pledge Iowa marriage pledge continues to stir ...
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Monday’s Triple Espresso: Newt Returns, Paul Tours, Cain Opens Office Today

My central Iowa Prezography paparazzi  plan today will be with Ron Paul at 10am, Newt Gingrich at 1pm and Herman Cain at 5pm.  See you there… Ron Paul When: July 11, 2011, 10:00 a.m. Where: Smokey Row Coffee House,...
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Will The Real Romney Supporters Here In Iowa Please Stand Up?

So I’m reading about this recent poll where Romney leads Iowa voters a percentage point ahead with 23%.  Bachmann follows with 22% and Cain at 10% with the other candidates following after that. I go to many political ev...
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Tim Pawlenty Releases New 4th of July Holiday Video

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty releases new 4th of July holiday video. [youtube kY71if9lZvI] “The United States has always chosen its own path culturally, politically and economically.  For 235 years we’ve taken th...
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