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State Capitol Building, Iowa

Iowa’s Community Colleges Need to Follow the Regents Lead

Recently, the Iowa State Senate passed a $989 million education budget for fiscal year 2015.  The bill increases funding for the state’s regent universities, community colleges, and it also funds some of Governor Branstad’...
by Craig Robinson

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Schultz Launches TV Ad in 3rd District Race

This morning Matt Schultz announced that his campaign raised $170,000 in the first fundraising quarter and has $136,000 cash on hand. The campaign also announced that it would begin running a new TV ad. The ad is titled “Done...
by Craig Robinson

US Senate

I’ve Never Seen a Poll With a Margin of Error of 6.5 Percent get so Much Attention – The Weekly Roundup

I don’t care what kind of campaign you are running, when a poll shows you leading the race, you promote the hell out of it. That is exactly what Joni Ernst’s campaign is doing with a recent Suffolk University poll that show...
by Craig Robinson


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Desperate Democrats Don’t Seem to Have Much Ammunition Against Paul Pate

In 2006, the Secretary of State’s race was about felons voting.  In 2010, it was about voter ID.  This year, the race will be about whether you want an experienced public servant or a partisan political operative in charge ...
by Craig Robinson

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Huckabee vs. Santorum Would Be An Epic Showdown With a Bad End Result

Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates are once again descending on the First-in-the-Nation caucus state.   Rick Santorum, the 2012 caucus winner, visited the state two weeks ago, and it’s been reported that he w...
by Craig Robinson



Iowa Federation of Labor Opposes Transparency Legislation Regarding Personal Settlement Agreements

For weeks, Iowa Democrats and the Des Moines Register have been criticizing the Branstad administration over “secret” settlements a state agency made with employees who were downsized.  On Thursday, Ken Sagar, the ...
by Craig Robinson