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Trump’s Impending Demise has been Greatly Overstated

The media and Republican political establishment seem eager to push the narrative that Donald Trump’s presidential prospects are in decline, and his exit from the race is imminent.   Trump’s poll numbers may have dipped a...
by Craig Robinson


The 50 Most Influential Iowa Republicans of the 2016 Caucus

The Des Moines Register’s list of the 50 most wanted Republicans in regards to the Iowa Caucuses has always bugged me since it was published last December. The list, compiled by the Register’s chief politics reporter Jennif...
by Craig Robinson


New Iowa Caucus Poll Shows Signs of Life for Jindal

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal tied for fifth place in Iowa at six percent.   Jindal is tied with Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio and leads Mike Huckabee by one p...
by Craig Robinson



Jindal and Santorum Deserve to be on Main Debate Stage

Following the 2012 presidential election, the Republican National Committee (RNC) felt that it was necessary to provide some semblance control over the Republican presidential debates. The RNC slashed the number of debates from...
by Craig Robinson

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Jindal puts heat on Branstad to Defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa

Republican presidential candidates often solicit Governor Terry Branstad’s advice when it comes to campaigning in Iowa, and the Governor eagerly obliges. This is especially true when it comes to offering advice to a fellow go...
by Craig Robinson



Christie Making A Play for Iowa?

Just how crazy is the 2016 presidential race? A four-term Republican governor with an impressive record of economic growth in one of the largest states in the country never found his footing and was quickly dispensed with. Anot...
by Craig Robinson