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Huckabee and Santorum – Down in the polls but definitely not out.

It’s been said to me a number of times from Republican activists of every stripe.   Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, both former Iowa caucus winners, just don’t have it this time around, and thus, they should take the cue...
by Craig Robinson

Cruz Flag

Understanding King’s Endorsement of Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz landed a coveted Iowa endorsement on Monday when Congressman Steve King, the conservative standard bearer, backed the Texas Senator’s presidential bid. King’s endorsement of Cruz should come as no surprise....
by Craig Robinson


In a Blink of the Eye – Everything Has Changed

In the span of one weekend, the entire narrative of the presidential race has changed. The coordinated terrorist attacks that occurred in France on Friday evening not only reminds us of the volatile world in which we live, but ...
by Craig Robinson



Cruz not so Ideologically Pure on Immigration as you may think.

As a freshman Senator with no signature legislation to boast about on the campaign trail, Texas Senator Ted Cruz instead makes his case to voters by telling them what’s important is to see where the candidates “stood up and...
by Craig Robinson

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee

Some Surprising Winners in Fox Business Debate

Going into the Fox Business debate, I thought it was set up to benefit three candidates – Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. All three have proven themselves to be good debaters, while Donald Trump, Dr. B...
by Craig Robinson



The GOP Undercard Puts on an Impressive Show

If you have longed for a substantive debate on the issues that allows for the candidates to show how their different from their Republican opponents, the Fox Business debate delivered. Not only was it informative, but the dynam...
by Craig Robinson