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Early Vote

October Surprise: Iowa Republicans Running Strong Early Voting Program

For years, early voting has been a sore subject for Iowa Republicans.  Three of the last four election cycles, 2006, 2008, and 2012, have been exceptional years for Democrats nationally and in Iowa.  Iowa Democrats not only w...
by Craig Robinson

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Final U.S. Senate Debate – The Weekly Roundup

Nothing signals that Election Day is near like when you start talking about the final debate between two candidates.  Republican State Senator Joni Ernst and Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley will debate for a final time tonig...
by Craig Robinson

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David Young’s Schizophrenic Congressional Campaign

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t like writing negative article about Republicans.  I especially don’t like criticizing Republican candidates running for office in the final month of the campaign. As I sat down to write ...
by Craig Robinson


Braley Debate

Braley gets the Best of Ernst in Second U.S. Senate Debate

State Senator Joni Ernst and Democrat Congressman Bruce Braley squared off in the second of their three scheduled debates over the weekend.   Round one was a clear victory for Ernst. Not only was she relaxed and confidant, bu...
by Craig Robinson


Iowa House Republicans On The Move

With the potential for a strong Republican year at the ballot box, some Republicans quietly grumbled when Iowa House Republicans didn’t field candidates in some districts across the state in the spring. The response to the co...
by Craig Robinson


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A Braley Charm Offensive? Good Luck With That – The Weekly Roundup

For the first time since May, Congressman Bruce Braley is running a television ad that features him talking to the camera.  Typically, candidates running for a big statewide office like the U.S Senate want as much face time as...
by Craig Robinson