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Mid-Week Roundup

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Shown the Door “Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is leaving the Obama administration after less than two years on the job amid concerns that he wasn’t up to the job of leading the Pentagon ...
by Craig Robinson

Steve King Red white and blue

The Media and “Republican Insiders” Lash Out Against Congressman Steve King

I’m pretty sure that Iowa Congressman Steve King thought that his detractors would give it a rest for a while after he defeated his Democrat opponent by 24 points earlier this month.  Yet once again headlines like, “Stay a...
by Craig Robinson

Luke BandW

National Adoption Month: Meet Our Son Luke

If I were to pick a theme song for modern society, it might be the title track to Queen’s 1989 album, “I want it all.”  Just drive down the interstate or turn on your television, and the song’s chorus of “I want it a...
by Craig Robinson


David Young

Congressman-Elect Young taps Carstensen to be Chief-of-Staff

Iowans are sending three new faces to Washington to represent them in Congress, and while that may be common in larger states, it’s rare in a state with only six federal office holders. One of the three new members elected to...
by Craig Robinson

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 10.48.10 PM

What the 2014 Election Was Really About – The Weekly Round Up

After every election, the media is quick to try and translate what the results of the election mean.  We are once again hearing the dreadful “M” word – mandate.  For the most part, the consensus is that the election was...
by Craig Robinson


Gas Tax

A Gas Tax Debate is Coming, but Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Paper

Investing in Iowa’s roads and bridges is something that people from both political parties agree is a priority.  However, where the addition money needed to fund these improvements should come from is where the debate really...
by Craig Robinson