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The Weekly Round Up: All’s Quiet on the Republican Front… For Now

There are 17 Republican candidates running for president, but you won’t find any of them in Iowa over Labor Day weekend. Instead Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and Hillary Clinton will have the entire state...
by Craig Robinson


Bush goes after Donald Trump – Thursday Roundup

It’s been an interesting week in the Republican race for president. Why? Because the Trump campaign isn’t doing anything. This odd break in the 24/7 coverage has allowed an opening for the Bush campaign to take a free shot ...
by Craig Robinson

Clovis Trump

Loyalty Shouldn’t Be So Rare in Politics

I’m a glutton for punishment. My favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. My favorite NFL team is the Kansas City Chiefs. My favorite college team is the Iowa Hawkeyes. Everyone knows that the last time the Cubs won the Wo...
by Craig Robinson



Fesler Returns to Santorum After Brief Stint with Perry

VERONA, PA – Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) today announces the addition of Karen Fesler as National Caucus Coalitions Advisor. In this role, Fesler will work directly with ...
by Craig Robinson


Thoughts on the latest Republican Iowa Poll

The latest Iowa Poll from the Des Moines Register came out this weekend. The results for the Republicans and Democrats are equally fascinating. Below I will share some of my thoughts on the poll, but before we do that, I think ...
by Craig Robinson


Amann Huckabee

Pastor Terry Amann throws his support behind Huckabee

The Iowa Caucuses are a great equalizer when it comes to political influence. In gubernatorial and congressional campaigns, big money donors enjoy an enormous amount sway, but in Iowa’s presidential caucuses, money isn’t ne...
by Craig Robinson