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Don’t Let America Become a Medicaid Nation

America is in danger of becoming a Medicaid nation. It will bankrupt our government, make private health plans unaffordable, and rob the elderly of the care they’ve been counting on. The Joint Select Committee on Deficit ...
by Betsy McCaughey


Obama Health Law Raises Important Constitutional Issues

Contrary to the headlines, the 4th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals did not “uphold” the constitutionality of the Obama health law’s mandatory insurance provision last week. The court dismissed the Virginia ch...
by Betsy McCaughey


Health ‘Reform’ Has Sent Costs Soaring

Overall job growth hit zero in August, but jobs in health care are growing steadily. That would be good news, except that growth in this industry is increasingly paid for by taxpayers or new federal borrowing. And despite the s...
by Betsy McCaughey



A Penny of Spending Cuts for Every Dollar of Debt

More than half the members of the House of Representatives avoided holding customary town hall meetings during their August vacation.  No wonder they’re ducking the public.  The spin Congress put on the debt ceiling dea...
by Betsy McCaughey


Super Committee “Dumb” and Unconstitutional

In Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, Newt Gingrich labeled the 12-person deficit reduction committee “dumb.”  He’s right. This “super committee,” is super stupid and moreover, it’s unconstitutional. Th...
by Betsy McCaughey



Appeals Court Decision Puts Obama Health Law on the Ropes

The Court of Appeals for the 11th circuit ruled today in Atlanta that mandatory health insurance, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act, is unconstitutional. Although the court declined to rule the entire law null and void...
by Betsy McCaughey