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Ernst CPAC

Ernst Presses Veterans Issues During CPAC Speech

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst was one of the few non-presidential hopefuls to speak at the Conference Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday. The Red Oak native took the stage at noon to praise her fellow military veterans an...
by Kevin Hall

Scott Walker CPAC

CPAC Day One, part two: Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker can solidify his status as the GOP presidential frontrunner with a strong showing this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Walker spoke to attendees Thursday, along with New Jer...
by The Iowa Republican


Carson at CPAC

CPAC Day One: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference is underway in Washington, D.C. The three day gathering of conservatives is especially important this year because it is the final CPAC before Republicans head to the polls to...
by The Iowa Republican

Scott Walker iowa freedom summit

Parsing the Polls: The Presidential Primary and What’s Branstad’s Popularity Now?

Political polling is tricky. Often times, during the midst of a polling session or before the results are published, something happens that makes the poll obsolete. Such is the case with a new Iowa poll conducted by Quinnipiac ...
by Kevin Hall


Branstad Signs Gas Tax Increase

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad wasted no time enacting a 10-cent gas tax increase. The bill was passed by both houses of the Iowa Legislature on Tuesday. The governor signed the bill Wednesday morning. It goes into effect Sunday,...
by Kevin Hall