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March 17th, 2016

King Statement on Primary Challenge

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Written by: The Iowa Republican
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Steve-KingWall Lake, Iowa – Congressman Steve King today released a statement regarding his re-election.

“Today my campaign delivered nomination papers to the Iowa Secretary of State containing over 5500 signatures from citizens of the 4th District, a signal of widespread support from those I represent. It may be St. Patrick’s Day, however, I am relieved I don’t need the luck of the Irish in this effort. But I’ll take every Irish blessing I’m offered!

“Just last weekend, I attended six GOP county conventions, speaking with friends old and new, feeling the energy among the grassroots for not only my re-election but for electing a new Republican to serve in the White House, and had outstanding surrogates representing me in the other 33 counties of the District. It is a great privilege to represent Iowa’s most productive agricultural District in Congress and I look forward to doing so again, to continue the great work we’ve done together to advance Iowa’s values and priorities including agriculture, life, traditional marriage, fiscal responsibility, Second Amendment rights, and the Rule of Law.

“Over the last few weeks, calls came from a surprisingly large number of potential candidates who were asked to challenge me in a primary by a couple of wealthy and petulant establishment Republicans who think they should own a Congressman. In every case but one, the answer was a resounding ‘No.’

“I’ve now been informed an offer was accepted. The others who received the call rejected substantial offers made to them. What was the offer my opponent accepted? He needs to answer this question to the Citizens of the 4th Congressional District.

“The people I have the privilege to represent know this about me: I am accountable, I am accessible, I’ve always delivered the straight, objective truth. No full spectrum Constitutional conservative has stood up to say I have let them down. My roots go deep into the 4th District of Iowa. I regret the impending needless and blatant dishonesty which will surely come from my opposition. We have weathered this before…from Democrats.

“On June 7, just 82 days from now, 4th District Republicans will go to the ballot box and I’m confident they will support the true, consistent Constitutional conservative who has earned their vote.”

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