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March 21st, 2016

Judicial Crisis Network Launches Statewide Ad Campaign Applauding Sen. Grassley

Judicial Crisis Network Launches Statewide Ad Campaign Applauding Sen. Grassley For Standing Up For the Constitution and Giving the People A Voice in Choosing the Next Supreme Court Justice

TV, Digital and Radio Ad campaign in 6 states totals $2 million

WASHINGTON – The Judicial Crisis Network is launching a $2 million TV, radio and digital ad campaign in six key states across the country, including Iowa. The ad titled, “Senator Grassley: Let the People Decide,” launches just as Sen. Grassley heads home for a two-week Senate recess.

This past week, the president nominated Judge Merrick Garland to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died last month. The ads in New Hampshire, Iowa and Ohio will be thanking U.S. Sens. Ayotte, Grassley and Portman, respectively, for standing up for the Constitution, the rule of law and giving the people a voice in the future direction of the Supreme Court of the United States based on the November elections.


Female VO: “The Supreme Court — the highest in the land. The Framers saw it as a vital check on out of control and unconstitutional government. Senator Grassley wants to keep it that way. He’s working to stop President Obama’s plan to take the future of the court out of the people’s hands. It’s time to stand with Senator Grassley and keep a president in his last days from installing a new liberal majority on the Supreme Court.”

“The goal of this effort is to inform and alert the citizens of Iowa that in opposing President Obama’s third liberal nominee to the Supreme Court, Senator Grassley is also opposing liberal domination of the court and that, with the presidential election so close, he is right to allow the people of Iowa a voice in this lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court. As a federal judge, Garland has made rulings undermining the Second Amendment rights of Iowans as well as defended expansive, unchecked power of federal agencies such as the EPA, decisions that harm Iowa small businesses,” said Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel for JCN and a former Supreme Court clerk.

The National Federation of Independent Business has voiced its opposition to the nomination as well.

TV ads will air in five states: North Dakota, West Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire and Iowa.

The digital and radio ads will air in all six states: Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio and West Virginia.

TV, radio and digital ads focusing on Democratic Senators in North Dakota (Heitkamp), West Virginia (Manchin) and Colorado (Bennet), are critical of these Democrats for trying to help President Obama impose liberal domination of the Supreme Court and deny their constituents a voice in this lifetime appointment. The ad also forces these Democratic senators to respond to a myriad of issues in Garland’s history that impact many Americans, such as his rulings in favor of increasing government power of unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies such as the EPA, as well as his strong anti-Second Amendment rulings – all of which undermine the Constitutional rights of the American people.

Find more information on Merrick Garland here:
The Judicial Crisis Network has spent about $4 million so far including this newly-launched ad campaign to let the people decide by their votes in November for President who should be the next Supreme Court Justice.

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