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March 12th, 2015

Blum Challenger Has Arrest Record; Wasn’t Paid Staff; Allegedly Threatened Blum’s Family

Melton mug shots

A former volunteer for Republican Congressman Rod Blum’s campaign announced plans to run against Blum earlier this week. News reports stated that Jack Melton was a “field director” for Blum’s 2014 congressional campaign. According to The Iowa Republican’s sources, this is erroneous.

Jack Melton was never a paid staffer for Blum. He volunteered for the campaign, doing some door knocking and working with other volunteers, according to our sources.

Additionally, John D. (Jack) Melton II has a police record and sources close to Rod Blum tell The Iowa Republican that Melton has made threats to Blum’s family, which they are taking very seriously.

Several Iowa media outlets published James Lynch’s story on John D. (Jack) Melton’s intentions to take on Blum in 2016, despite helping his campaign in 2014. Blum narrowly defeated Democrat Pat Murphy last November.Melton says he will run as an independent.

Jack Melton apparently told Lynch that he was as a field director for the campaign. Melton also seems surprised that Rod Blum, who ran as a Republican, stands for issues that most Republicans do, like being pro-life.

“What’s with that,” Melton was quoted asking in a newspaper report.

Jack Melton also said he tried to catch on with both of the Democrats who have announced plans to challenge Blum, but was unsuccessful. Perhaps the Democrats were leery of Melton’s sudden conversion to liberalism. Or viewed him as a disgruntled ex-staffer. His comments to reporter James Lynch are quite telling:

“To be honest with you, it’s not about me winning. It’s about beating Rod,” he said. “I do not want him to win.

“I will attack Rod on all fronts and leave my Democratic opponents alone. That’s how important this is to me.”

The apparent anger stems from Melton not being offered a job by Rod Blum on his congressional staff. He now seems to be seeking revenge because of the perceived slight.

TIR did a quick background search and discovered Melton was apparently arrested twice in Florida for writing bad checks for over $150. That information, replete with mug shots, was gleaned from the website, and official Florida court records. 

According to the websites, John D. Melton was arrested in December 2007 and again in January 2010 for writing “worthless checks”.

The mugshots are below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.49.42 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.50.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.50.43 AM

Photos are screenshots taken from online public record sites.

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