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February 8th, 2015

Kevin’s Korner: Barack’s Bungled Theology, the Chopper Whopper and Spiker’s Inside Job


Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. The only way to overcome a physical advantage is to establish a psychological one.

Unfortunately, President Obama has no interest in establishing an advantage over ISIS. He would rather denigrate Christianity, distort history, divert the attention away from the atrocities ISIS has committed and hand them propaganda, than continue the ruse that he ever was really a Christian …

Obama is as bad a theologian as he is a president. Killing and beheading “the enemy” is written into the Koran and condoned in the Islamic faith. Yet our president, who refuses to connect Islam to terrorism, connects Christianity to terrorism. At the National Prayer Breakfast. Worst. President. Ever.

brian williams chopper

NBC’s lead anchor Brian Williams is taking a “leave of absence” from his job, hoping the controversy surrounding his Chopper Whopper will die down. Sorry, Brian, it won’t …

How are we supposed to trust this clown to honestly deliver the news when a story he has told for many years, on national television, is a flat-out, bold-faced, feces-filled lie? We can’t trust him. What else has Williams lied about?

Brian Williams moon

Why do anti-war liberals like Brian Williams, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton try to make themselves into war heroes?

Williams’ phony story is bad news for Queen Hillary and the Democrats’ plans to coronate her because it revives her cockamamie story about being shot at by a sniper in Bosnia

Closer to home, nothing has changed in the Iowa Legislature. Despite a very narrow majority, the State Senate is controlled by one man: Mike Gronstal

Senate Republicans believe that if a majority of senators want to bring a bill to the floor, it should be brought to the floor. Democrats refuse, so Gronstal’s Baron von Raschke-like iron grip on this legislative body continues for two more years. He has to go in 2016.

Spiker and Rand Paul

Big Liberty got its collective panties in a wad over a National Journal article last week that examines whether much-maligned former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker will damage Rand Paul’s hopes in the Iowa Caucuses

The destruction of RPI was an inside job. Spiker’s tenure was a disaster and no clear-thinking person non-Paulistinian would say his tenure was a positive one. The party was shellacked at the ballot box, the funds dried up and Spiker’s handpicked executive director ran off with tens of thousands of dollars in “bonuses” (allegedly).

Thankfully, the maturity, competence and leadership made a much-needed return to the Iowa GOP and we reaped the rewards on Election Day.

Does that mean Spiker hurts Rand? That’s debatable. He’ll help keep the cult in line, but will struggle to grow support outside the cult …

Rand Paul does have a chance to win Iowa if the field remains crowded and Ted Cruz doesn’t sway the Paulistinians to his side. However, the vote would need to be significantly split among others for Rand’s brand to emerge vicotirous.


The media, the left and even fellow Republicans were quick to jump to conclusions following the release of a report on Benghazi by the House Intelligence Committee. Without even reading the report, it was widely claimed that the House cleared the Democrats of any wrongdoing in the attacks that cost four Americans their lives …

Then-chairman of that committee Mike Rogers says the media, the Dems and the Republicans criticizing the committee report got it wrong:

I think the launch of Rogers’ new organization, Americans for Peace, Prosperity and Strength, will be a good thing for the Iowa Caucuses. National security should be one of the key issues in this presidential race and every single candidate needs to be vetted thoroughly on it. Having Sam Clovis involved helps a lot as well.

ICYMI last week, Iowa Congressman Rod Blum picked apart the $4 trillion Obama budget and his budget director in just five minutes during a House Budget Committee meeting. I recommend viewing the full five minutes:

Finally, it’s good to know Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is a fan The Iowa Republican. The feeling a mutual … Last week, Kelly introduced a segment on Carly Fiorina by saying, “some said she gave quote ‘the perfect speech’” at the Iowa Freedom Summit. She was obviously reference a quote from Sam Clovis from my article about Fiorina’s speech

Megyn, you do a great job and I appreciate your work. Just gives us credit next time you want to reference our articles. Thanks.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. There was no one there.

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