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March 31st, 2014

Why Braley’s Insult of Grassley is an Insult to All Iowans

When Bruce Braley claimed Chuck Grassley is unfit to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee because he’s just an Iowa farmer, the Democrat congressman went beyond just insulting the longtime Republican senator. He went beyond just insulting farmers.

Bruce Braley insulted every Iowan who believes in hard work and integrity because few, if any, people in Congress work harder or have more integrity than Chuck Grassley. Braley also insulted the millions of Iowans who have ever cast a vote for Chuck Grassley.

Braley insulted every person who believes our representatives in Washington, D.C. should work for his constituents, not out-of-state trial lawyers. In fact, Bruce Braley insulted all of us.

Whether you agree with him on the issues or not, no one can deny Senator Grassley is a truly dedicated public servant. He holds the longest consecutive voting of any current U.S. senator. He communicates regularly with his constituents via social media. Grassley also responds to every phone call, letter and email that his office receives.

There is a good reason that a visit to all 99 counties in Iowa in one year is called “the full Grassley”. For every single one of his 33 years in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Grassley has visited every single county in the state.

“What I admire most about Senator Grassley is how he thoughtfully listens, responds to every constituent communication, deliberates policy issues carefully, and works hard to represent the views of all Iowans, not just what one industry dictates,” said longtime Grassley Chief of Staff David Young.

Unlike Bruce Braley, Chuck Grassley’s 99-county tours are public events where he visits with everyday Iowans and listens their concerns. Braley’s recent supposed 99-county tour was largely filled was private fundraisers and closed door meetings with his fellow Democrats. Senator Grassley does the 99-county tour each year because he believes it is important to promote citizen participation in government.

Chuck Grassley also eschews the Washington, D.C. life, unlike so many his congressional colleagues. Every weekend, Grassley returns home to Iowa to work on the farm, spend time with his family and meet with his constituents.

Those trips come after a long week at the U.S. Capitol. The 80-year-old senator often rises very early to go for a jog. He usually arrives at his office by 6am.

“Usually until 8 o’clock, I just study,” Grassley told a group of middle school students during a 2012 tour stop. “8-10 is either a working breakfast or meeting with staff or studying. 10-12 is reserved for committee meetings…The senate starts its session at 9 and goes until 7 at night. You are not very often on the senate floor unless you’re giving a speech or voting…Usually I can go home at 6 o’clock, but since traffic is so bad I don’t leave until 7. So I put in about 12 hours a day.”

As for his work on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Braley specifically attacked, Grassley’s work speaks for itself. His whistleblower laws have become the federal government’s premier anti-fraud tool and because of Grassley’s efforts, $22 billion has been returned to the Treasury that would otherwise have been lost to fraud.

Senator Grassley has been a tireless watchdog of taxpayer dollars and a crusader against fraud and government corruption. He fights to make sure federal agencies are serving the public, and it does not matter if it’s a Republican or Democrat in the Oval Office. Chuck Grassley believes mismanagement is a non-partisan problem.

Senator Grassley has also been a very strong advocate for government whistleblowers and he continues the battle to ensure protections for employees of the legislative branch who come forward to expose wrongdoing.

“The most humbling experience of my life was serving Iowans and Senator Grassley as his chief of staff,” David Young said in a statement following the release of Braley’s comments. “I had a front row seat to watch as he served the people of Iowa with integrity. I stood by his side helping to protect whistleblowers and taxpayers, and made a difference in bringing transparency and accountability to our federal government.”

A prime example of Chuck Grassley’s devotion to Iowa and those he serves will take place this weekend when the senator participates the “Freedom Run”, a 5k race organized by the Story County GOP to benefit the Story County Freedom Flight.

“How many 80-year-old U.S. senators do you know, historically, who come back to their state and run 5k’s? If more folks in D.C. possessed the work ethic and commitment to staying in touch with constituents that Senator Grassley has, I suspect there would be a lot more good news coming out of our nation’s capital,” said Story County GOP Chair Dane Nealson.

Chuck Grassley possesses a deep affection for Iowa this state and country and an unparalleled sense of duty to serve the people. We sometimes take for granted how fortunate we are that one of our senators is deeply devoted and connected to the state.

Iowans want a U.S. senator who makes us proud. We have one in Chuck Grassley. An Iowa senator whose true devotion lies with out-of-state trial lawyers would not make any of us proud.

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