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April 1st, 2014

TIR Makes Endorsement in GOP U.S. Senate Primary

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Written by: Kevin Hall

For the first time in this website’s history, is making an endorsement in a contested primary. After careful consideration of all the candidates and hours of internal debate and discussion, TIR has decided there is really only one choice for Iowa Republicans on June 3. We offer our wholehearted endorsement and all the power and prestige that go with it to: Paul Lunde.

Our main reason for supporting Mr. Lunde is his strong belief in and adherence to free market capitalism. During the first GOP U.S Senate candidate debate, held in October at Drake University, Lunde repeatedly displayed the courage of his convictions for this important issue.

While the other candidates droned on about Obamacare, the federal budget and the economy, only Lunde seized the opportunity to utilize free market capitalism. Paul Lunde encouraged debate watchers and attendees to buy his books on at least six different occasions. Instead of responding directly to the moderators’ questions, Lunde showed he is the best capitalist of the bunch.

Paul Lunde is also the only candidate in the race to have authored several books. By repeatedly promoting them during debates and forums, Lunde showed he is the strongest advocate for education in the race. We do not need our senate candidates to answer questions about their stances. We need a senate candidate who can successfully shill his books during a live debate, telling voters to read his books to find the answers they seek.

At a time when our public schools are seemingly failing us, America needs a U.S. senator that will strongly encourage more people to read. That man is Paul Lunde.

Sir Frances Bacon is credited with coining the phrase “knowledge is power”. We know that by reading more, we gain more knowledge, and therefore, more power. We look forward to the day when Paul Lunde will become famous for coining the phrase “read my book to find out the answer”. We at TIR believe Lunde’s phrase will one day surpass Bacon’s for its wisdom, insight and brevity.

Another reason we believe Paul Lunde is the right choice in this Republican primary is because he is the only candidate to offer 12 different constitutional amendments. Other candidates have mentioned support for one or two amendments, like a balanced budget, but their ambitions seem to end there. Only Lunde has the veritas to draft, propose and push 12 constitutional amendments.

Lunde also showed where his priorities lie. During the Polk County GOP convention a few weeks ago, while the other candidates were diligently working to acquire petition signatures to qualify for the ballot, Paul Lunde was handing attendees a copy of his “Second Bill of Rights”, comprised of his 12 constitutional amendments.

It does not matter to us that Paul Lunde did not acquire enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. We feel this process is skewed toward candidates that believe in following the rules. Paul Lunde makes his own rules. We have no doubt the Lunde Rules, aka the Second Bill of Rights, would quickly be passed by Congress and the states after we send Paul Lunde to Washington, D.C.

Although amending the U.S. Constitution requires passage by 2/3 of the U.S. Senate, 2/3 of the U.S. House and approval by at least 38 state legislatures, we have no doubt Mr. Lunde would use his immense powers of persuasion to accomplish this seemingly arduous feat.

Reforming and modernizing our U.S. Constitution should be the utmost priority to all Iowans and only Paul Lunde has made that the focal point of his campaign. Bold leadership is sorely lacking in Washington, D.C. and Paul Lunde is the main to provide it.

We at still get goosebumps when thinking about Paul Lunde’s stirring speech at the Polk County GOP convention. When he proclaimed himself an “Eisenhower Republican”, the spontaneous reaction reverberated through the crowd of delegates. At least one attendee was spurred to scream out ‘We like Ike!’.

It was a moment unparalleled in recent political history. It was a moment that cannot be canned or rehearsed. It was organic. It was raw. It was real.

Long before there was a Reagan Revolution, Republicans like Paul Lunde ‘liked Ike’. That is the kind of spirit the current GOP is lacking and Paul Lunde is the only man who can return that intensity and vibrance to the Republican Party.

We demand Paul Lunde be immediately placed on the June 3 ballot. He has our full, unwavering support and we hope he has yours as well.

Indubitably, Editorial Board

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