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June 12th, 2014

Third District Nominating Convention Delegate Clarification

The following is an email from Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Danny Carroll that was distributed to Third District Congressional campaigns and members of the State Central committee in regards to the delegates to the Third District nominating convention.

Good evening,

Yesterday the Republican Party of Iowa received an inquiry from a campaign regarding the seating of delegates and alternates for the 3rd district nominating convention on Saturday, June 21st.

That inquiry stated in part:

“I have concerns that lawfully elected delegates that have been submitted to the Republican Party of Iowa by county parties are being told they are not a delegate because of a rule passed at a county convention. These very delegates had credential badges for the 3rd District Convention and now they are being told they are not welcome to participate in a special nominating convention.”

Below is my response to the campaign. In order to ensure that the most accurate information is provided uniformly and openly I am sending a copy of this response to all the campaigns for the third district GOP nomination and State Central Committee members, current and incoming.

After reviewing the law, bylaws and RPI Constitution, here is my response:

Counties, individuals, or campaigns, should not be telling duly elected delegates or alternates that they are not delegates or alternates.

The Republican Party of Iowa charges a delegate assessment to each individual county during the caucus to convention process. Individuals themselves are not charged a fee by the State Party to be a delegate. Rules stipulate that a county’s delegates are seated so long as their county has paid the delegate assessment. All of the 99 counties have paid the assessment and therefore all delegates elected from their respective counties will be seated.

Any internal rule(s) that a county party adopts regarding a different way to seat delegates, or that would preclude an elected delegate from being seated, would not apply as far as the State Party is concerned. It is the position of the State Party that all delegates and alternates that were elected, shall be seated or will be eligible to be seated.

Throughout the process I understand that with sorting and re-sorting of the lists that data can be moved around within a spreadsheet. Recently we had one campaign call and ask us for the list again, as they wanted to ensure they had a properly sorted list so that each name and address matched up. This was no problem, and we sent it right away.

For clarification and to ensure that all campaigns running in the 3rd district are treated the same, I am including the official list of delegates and alternates from the 3rd District. It is attached in both a sortable, excel format, as well as a printable PDF version with an Iowa GOP colored watermark.

Iowa Code 43.97 requires delegates to district and state conventions to be elected at their county convention. Delegates cannot be appointed and county chairs are not legally able to appoint delegates/alternates to the district and state conventions. This law was referenced in a March 1st email by the previous State Chairman and sent to all county delegates and alternates for whom the State Party has an email address. I have also included the text of that email as a PDF attachment.

Pursuant to the code referenced above, and to ensure the same equal treatment for all throughout the process, it is my intention to recommend the use the attached list, and only the attached list, to credential delegates and alternates in for the State Convention and for the 3rd district special nominating convention.

Any county who has contacted the state party in the last week and informed us that they wish to add, remove, or change delegate names, has been told that would not be permitted. We have requested documentation and further information if they have objected, and as of this writing have not received any.

The role of credentialing falls on the credentialing committee, elected by delegates at their respective county conventions. I have, and will continue to encourage the credentialing committees to abide by the official delegate list.

If an individual, group, or county party wishes to challenge the status of a delegate they must do so in writing. As of this email, no individual, group, or county party has filed a formal challenge in writing regarding the status of a delegate.

In conclusion, it is my judgement that any county party that is telling duly elected delegates that they are not welcome to participate in the 3rd district special nominating convention, is not acting appropriately. Any delegate who was elected as such, remains a delegate throughout the caucus to convention process. Likewise for an alternate delegate. It is my intention to seat all delegates and alternates as per the rules of the process and the attached list.

I will advise the credentialing committee to do the same in order to provide the most accurate data, treat the elected delegates fairly and ensure that the Congressional campaigns are able to work off the same information they have been working off of for the past 2 to 3 months.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Danny Carroll
State Chairman

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Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a political news and commentary site he launched in March of 2009. Robinson’s political analysis is respected across party lines, which has allowed him to build a good rapport with journalist across the country. Robinson has also been featured on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press, ABC’s This Week, and other local television and radio programs. Campaign’s & Elections Magazine recognized Robinson as one of the top influencers of the 2012 Iowa Caucuses. A 2013 Politico article sited Robinson and as the “premier example” of Republican operatives across the country starting up their own political news sites. His website has been repeatedly praised as the best political blog in Iowa by the Washington Post, and in January of 2015, Politico included him on the list of local reporters that matter in the early presidential states. Robinson got his first taste of Iowa politics in 1999 while serving as Steve Forbes’ southeast Iowa field coordinator where he was responsible for organizing 27 Iowa counties. In 2007, Robinson served as the Political Director of the Republican Party of Iowa where he was responsible for organizing the 2007 Iowa Straw Poll and the 2008 First-in-the-Nation Iowa Caucuses. Following the caucuses, he created his own political news and commentary site, Robinson is also the President of Global Intermediate, a national mail and political communications firm with offices in West Des Moines, Iowa, and Washington, D.C. Robinson utilizes his fundraising and communications background to service Global’s growing client roster with digital and print marketing. Robinson is a native of Goose Lake, Iowa, and a 1999 graduate of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, where he earned degrees in history and political science. Robinson lives in Ankeny, Iowa, with his wife, Amanda, and son, Luke. He is an active member of the Lutheran Church of Hope.

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