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April 15th, 2014

The Hatch Plan: A Tax on a Tax

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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The Branstad-Reynolds campaign sent two press releases today regarding Democrat opponent Jack Hatch. One release pointed out the Des Moines state senator’s plan to end federal deductibility for Iowa taxpayers. Essentially, Hatch’s tax plan adds a tax onto a tax.

Additionally, Branstad asks that Senator Hatch release his tax forms from the past five years. Governor Branstad plans to release his tax return on Wednesday.

The two press releases are below:

(URBANDALE, Iowa) – As thousands of Iowans file their tax returns today, Branstad-Reynolds campaign manager Jake Ketzner is reminding taxpayers of Jack Hatch’s plan to raise their taxes.

Hatch opposes federal deductibility, which allows Iowans to write off federal taxes they pay, thereby bringing down taxable income.

“Jack Hatch is proposing a massive tax increase that will affect all tax brackets,” said Branstad-Reynolds Campaign Manager Jake Ketzner. “The idea of scrapping federal deductibility is a tired idea that is wildly unpopular with Iowans. Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds have worked tirelessly to reduce the tax burden for Iowans, allowing them to keep more of their money and provide for their families. Unfortunately, under Jack Hatch’s tax plan, Iowans will be sending more of their hard-earned money to Des Moines instead of investing it in their communities. Pucker up, Iowans – if Jack Hatch gets his way you can kiss your hard-earned money away.”

Tomorrow, Branstad will release his fifth straight year of joint tax returns.

(URBANDALE, Iowa) – Tomorrow, Gov. Terry Branstad will release his joint tax return for a fifth year in a row, demonstrating a commitment to openness and transparency, and today his campaign called on Jack Hatch to release his joint returns from the past five years as well.

Though not required to release the returns, the governor and first lady have made their joint returns available to the press each year in a series of open-ended news conferences with their accountant. Gov. Branstad continued this tradition when he was a candidate in 2010 by releasing his 2009 joint tax return, continuing in 2010, 2011, 2012 and for a fifth time again this year.

“Governor Branstad believes Iowans have a right to know his income and the taxes he pays,” said Branstad-Reynolds campaign manager Jake Ketzner. “This marks the fifth straight year Governor Branstad has shown his joint tax return to Iowans. We believe Jack Hatch and his wife Sonja should be as open and transparent as Governor Branstad and First Lady Chris Branstad. We look forward to seeing their tax returns for the past five years as well. Iowans deserve this level of personal transparency from their leaders, and unless he has something to hide, we expect Jack Hatch will agree.”

Sample coverage of previous Branstad tax return disclosures:

“Branstad Releases 2012 Tax Information” (4/19/13, Cedar Rapids Gazette)
“Gov. Branstad Reports $190,000 in 2011 Earnings” (4/20/2012, Associated Press)
“Branstad paid $70,706 in taxes for 2010” (4/20/2011, Sioux City Journal)
“Branstad, Culver, Vander Plaats release personal income tax returns” (4/19/2010, Radio Iowa)

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