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May 11th, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Zaun Didn’t Break Rules, Voter Integrity and Braley is Authentic?

Greetings, Happy Mother’s Day and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder.

Much ado has been made about State Senator Brad Zaun’s statement that he has carried a gun inside the State Capitol, which a lot of people, including the Secretary of the Senate Mike Marshall, are claiming is “against the rules” … However, upon further review by, it appears Senator Zaun in fact DID NOT break the rules …

For clarification, we obtained documentation from the Administrative Rules Committee of 2002, a bipartisan group of House and Senate legislators, which adopted the rules regarding weapons at the Capitol. This was done during the legislature’s first session after the 9/11 attacks. Security at the Capitol was a big concern …

The rules adopted by the committee ban “members of the public” from carrying dangerous weapons into the Capitol. However, as you can see in this clip of the minutes from the January 2002 meeting of the Administrative Rules Committee, “members of the public” does not apply to employees or officials of the government:

Rules on weapons at capitol June 2002

The subject came up again in June 2002. Here are the minutes from that meeting of the Administrative Rules Committee. Betsy Dittemore represented the Department of Public Safety at the meeting and she clarified that the weapons prohibition does not apply to legislators since they are excluded from the definition of members of the public:

Rules on weapons at capitol June 2002 pt 2

Furthermore, emails written in the last few days that has seen from Richard Johnson, the Iowa Legislature’s Legal Services Division Director, indicate that the rules regarding weapons in the Capitol have not changed since 2002

Therefore, according to all the documentation has seen, the original intent of the rule was to allow legislators to carry firearms in the Capitol. And that rule has not changed … That means State Senator Brad Zaun, as well as State Senator Joni Ernst, did not break the weapons rule because they are exempt from it …

Unless evidence to the contrary is uncovered, the Des Moines Register, WHO-TV, Secretary of the Senate Mike Marshall and everyone else who accused Brad Zaun of breaking the rules owes him an apology …

Then again, the Register actually did Zaun a huge favor by boosting his Second Amendment cred. But they still need to set the record straight. Given their recent history, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Schultz at Santorum caucus rally

Iowa Democrats have once again shown their true colors when it comes to voter fraud: They simply do not care … Or maybe they’re willing accomplices …

The numbers produced by the DCI investigation should raise alarms for lots of people. Instead, Democrats once again claim, “There is no voter fraud” … Think about that: At least 117 Iowans had their legitimate votes disenfranchised by illegal votes … Control of the Iowa Senate was decided by only a few hundred votes in 2012.

Here are the numbers from the DCI:

238 investigations

117 illegal votes cast

17 cases still being investigated

27 individuals charged so far

6 found guilty

1 found not guilty

4 cases dismissed

15 cases still in the court system

100 possible cases of double voting (voting in Iowa and another state)

74 non-citizens registered to vote but did not cast a ballot

682 possible Election Day irregularities

The 100 possible double voting cases include individuals with the exact same first name, last name, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number that cast a ballot in Iowa and another state.

There were also 12 Iowans who had their voter rights restored due to this investigation. These people were not disenfranchised by Matt Schultz. They were enfranchised by him …

The Dems will also whine that the cost was too great. I wholeheartedly disagree … What price should be put on voter integrity?

BTW, since we do not have Voter ID, it is extremely easy to cheat the system. Extremely easy … And Rand Paul’s pandering this week runs contrary to the 78% of Americans who support Voter ID.

Biden for Braley

Bruce Braley’s U.S. Senate campaign is getting so desperate, they’re now hoping unpopular VP Joe Biden can boost Braley’s numbers. They’ve got an ad on Facebook with Biden claiming Braley is “authentic”:

You know what? For once, I believe Crazy Uncle Joe. I believe Bruce Braley was 100% authentic when he voiced his disdain for Iowa farmers and Senator Grassley … I believe Braley was completely authentic when he told out-of-state trial lawyers he would be their voice on the Senate Judiciary Committee … Thanks for reminding us Joe!

Hatch dork

Dem gubernatorial hopeful Jack Hatch’s idiocy was on full display again last week. The liberal state senator and N-word dropper from Des Moines demanded Governor Branstad immediately sign the cannabis oil bill so kids needing the medicine could get immediate relief …

Here’s the problem: Hatch and his colleagues wrote the bill to not take effect until July 1. So, it doesn’t matter if Governor Branstad signed the bill last week, this week or next week, the oil won’t be legal in Iowa any sooner …

Additionally, there were some conservatives whining that Branstad had not signed it by last Monday, but the bill had not even arrived at his desk from the legislature. So, Branstad had not read the final draft of the bill … Umm, don’t we want our elected officials to actually read the bills before they vote for or sign them? I know. Crazy concept.


Constitutional Tip of the Week: Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of what you say.

Finally, I want to wish a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially mine. Thank you, Mom. For everything.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

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