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March 9th, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Spiker Takes a Hike, Paulistinians Pummeled and No Respect for Barack

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then, you destroy yourself.

Big Liberty’s stranglehold on the leadership of the Republican Party of Iowa is coming to an end. And just in time for a crucial election push … State Chairman A.J. Spiker will end his failed tenure on March 29. He made the announcement via a letter, mailed to State Central Committee members, that was received on Saturday … An election for a new chair has also been called for that day …

Spiker resignation letter

Spiker apparently made no mention of his pending resignation during the Story County GOP convention on Saturday, nor did he offer a reason for stepping down in the letter  …

Along with Spiker’s departure, likely to take a different Big Liberty gig, the Paulistinians were heavily rebuked in several county conventions yesterday. SCC member Joel Kurtinitis and the Dorr brothers failed to get his elected as district/state delegates at the Dallas County GOP convention. They are alternates, but way down on the list …

Also, Liberty Iowa Director Adil Khan was the lone nominee rejected by Polk GOP delegates to serve on the District Platform Committee. He was rebuked again when he ran for the Rules Committee

But it goes much further than that. They are finding out they make up a small minority in the party. The Paulistinians are also getting a taste of their own medicine. They ramrodded their way in two years ago and pushed everyone else out of the way. Now they’re finding out how it feels

Judging from Saturday’s results at county conventions around the state, it looks pretty obvious that the State Central Committee will have a vastly different look following the district conventions in April. Most, if not all, of the Paulistinians will be swept out …

Spiker Paul Ivers Fischer

For the record, I believe our SCC should reflect the entire party, not just one faction of it. No matter who is running it. Big Liberty held an oversized amount of positions on the SCC and party leadership/staff the past two years …

Chairman Spiker should have read “Team of Rivals”, about the team Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with during his first tenure. Or, if he did read it, he should have learned something from it … The worst thing a leader can do is surround himself with a bunch of sycophantic yes men who share the exact same ideology. Or brain. That is what Spiker did and that is why he failed in every measurable aspect of his tenure as RPI chairman …

A few of people were taking about this Twitter pic last week:

Deace BVP Spiker

My favorite caption for this pic: “After bitcoin collapse, Big Liberty seeking new sugar daddy. Deace offers to share his.”

Unfortunately, the Polk GOP convention ran so long that most people did not get a glimpse of the final list of 263 delegates elected to the district/state convention. The county party is opening up its headquarters tomorrow afternoon at 2 for anyone who would like to view the list. The address is 2175 NW 86th Street in Clive.

It’s not all bad news for the Paulistinians. Rand Paul won the CPAC straw poll, for the second straight year. The Golden Idol’s son picked up 31% of the vote. Ted Cruz was second at 11% and Dr. Ben Carson finished a respectable third, also at 11%. BTW, Ron Paul also won two straw polls. And zero states.

Obama/Braley campaign hack and Iowa secretary of state wannabe Brad Anderson was rightly called “overtly partisan” by NPR in an article last week. You know it’s bad for a Democrat when the left wing media is calling out your hackery.

Speaking of partisan hacks, State Senator Tom Courtney (D-Burlington) displayed an utter lack of class on the senate floor last week during his heated exchange Republican Mark Chelgren. Either that, or Courtney has been watching too much Hawkeye basketball:

Fran McCourtney2

After a shaky start, it turned into a good week for Governor Branstad and his campaign. A new Iowa poll shows Branstad with a 63% approval rating, up five points from December. Branstad is also leading Jack “I got a degree to be a bureaucrat” Hatch in the gubernatorial race by 15 points … Even Iowa Democrats know Hatch is a joke and lost cause, but they’re stuck with him.

Democrats are positive they want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016 and they are clearing the field for her. However, Democratic National Committee members cannot name one significant Hillary accomplishment. Really. Not one:

Hillary and the entire Obama machine ridiculed Mitt Romney for his statements during the 2012 campaign that Russia is our top geopolitical foe. Now that Romney has been proven right, Hillary has completely flip-flopped, in true Democrat fashion. She now says Vladimir Putin is acting like Hitler

Maybe Hillary should bring the Russians another mislabeled “reset” button. That will get them to cease their invasion of the Ukraine

Or maybe what the Obama administration just needs is a little respect. And a spellchecker.

Finally, check out this great article on my good friends Dave and Becky Kepler. They are two of the strongest people I’ve ever known. Dave has been fighting cancer for two years now. Through sheer will, the love of a wonderful woman and prayers from lots of people, he’s made it further than anyone thought. The Keplers just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. Congrats, and here’s to many more!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.

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