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March 2nd, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Delegate Debacle, IGO’s Flip-Flop and Bring on the Global Warming

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. I even thought I was dead, til I found out it was just that I was in Nebraska.

I hope you’re all enjoying this global warming we’re experiencing in Iowa, brought to you by Congressman Bruce Braley and the Democrat Party. I’m not sure I can bear anymore of this oppressive heat …

The U.N. says the Earth has not warmed in 15 years. Even Greenpeace’s co-founder says man-made global warming claims are a sham … But of course, this record-breaking wintry weather is caused by global warming. And the science is settled … About as settled as my gut after a greasy bacon sandwich and a bowl of spicy chili.

Exhibit A Polk delegate slate

Iowa Republican activists are justifiably in an uproar over an attempt to nominate huge, at-large delegate slates to the GOP district and state conventions during next weekend’s county convention. The Polk County slate was made of many people who are not county convention delegates and not really active in the party, especially on the grassroots level, but are loyal to Governor Branstad. This was an enormous overreach …

Fortunately, commonsense has prevailed and the slate that was mailed to Polk GOP convention goers has been pared down from 100 to 50 to mainly include elected officials and key volunteers …

If you want to be a delegate to the district and state conventions, you should have gone to your caucus and been elected to the county convention first. Or at least had someone nominate you at the caucus, if you were unable to make it correctly …

Secondly, we should do away with slates completely. You should earn your spot to the next round of conventions based on your own laurels, not because you’re part of a group designed to help one specific candidate …

No one has been a stronger advocate than me for reclaiming the party from Big Liberty’s stranglehold. But it should be done properly. This is not the way …  BTW, more than anyone else, led the charge, behind-the-scenes to get this changed by the Polk GOP

Also, the Paulistinians really have no room to complain. Any that do are hypocrites, since they rammed the Big Liberty-approved slate of delegates through at the last state convention so they could vote for Ron Paul at the national convention … Each delegate should be nominated individually. Period.

SCC member David Chung has a great, detailed explanation of the convention rules over at HawkeyeGOPTIR’s Craig Robinson will have more on the delegate issue tomorrow.

SCC meeting

The Paulistinians on the State Central Committee appear to be shifting their focus to the legislature. SCC member Jeff Shipley has filed to run for the Iowa House in District 82. The Fairfield-based seat is held by Dem Curt Hanson

Fellow SCC member/Paulistinian Joel Kurtinitis appears to be considering a challenge to Rep. Clel Baudler in House District 20. … If Kurtinitis does this, he will complete the circle of going from promising to stay neutral in primaries to endorsing a candidate in a primary to competing against an elected Republican official in a primary … What’s that old saying about a man and his word?

Kurtinitis’ flip-flop is nothing compared to the one pulled by the Iowa Gun Owners group. After denouncing the NRA/Iowa Firearms Coalition-backed legislation that would make gun silencers legal in Iowa, IGO tried to take credit for the bill passing the House, after the fact.

Here’s a portion of their email denouncing the bill:

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 10.16.12 PM

Here they are claiming victory for its passage:

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 2.08.25 PM

So, now IGO is in favor of a bill that they claim “props up anti-gunners and, consequently, harms our gun rights long term”? Wow. Just, wow … Perhaps concern over those federal grand juries investigating Big Liberty has caused delusion in the minds of IGO’s braintrust.

BTW, it must be time to ban knives. 33 people were killed and 130 wounded in a massive knife attack in China this weekend.


I had to chuckle when RNC National Committeeman Steve Scheffler said during last week’s Polk GOP central committee meeting that raising money was the state party chairman’s most important job. Scheffler voted for A.J. Spiker twice and nominated him last time, though it does seem like Scheffler is finally seen the light …

How is Chairman Spiker doing at fundraising? After woeful numbers in November and December (a total of just more than $37,000), January was not any better. In RPI’s federal account, the one that really matters, they raised $18,388 while spending $42,442, leaving them with $145,295 cash on hand …Also, $6,950 of the money “raised” came from the RNC  transferring funds for Victory expenses, so RPI really raised a little more than $11,000

By comparison, the Iowa Democratic Party raised $60,464 in January, spent $58,261 and ended the period with $229,985 cash on hand.


The first week of official candidate filing saw a flurry of activity. Along with Governor Branstad’s record haul, several Republican House members filed for reelection ….

We started with four, and now the Republican field in Senate District 15 appears to be done to one. Kum & Go executive Crystal Bruntz filed her petitions and qualified for the ballot. She will challenge longtime Dem Senator Dennis Black … Two other potential GOP challengers in that district opted to run for the House instead, and David Fischer opted out to resume his indentured servitude to Big Liberty

Ultra-liberal Dem Senator Hermie Quirmbach faces a female challenger in the Dem primary. Knowing Hermie’s misogynistic history, this could be fun to watch … Also, Senate Republican Leader Bill Dix announced he is running for reelection …

Walt Rogers’ decision to opt out the First District congressional race basically hands the nomination to Rod Blum. Blum was already favored to win, with Rogers providing the stiffest challenge. The Dubuque businessman faces paltry competition from perma-candidate Steve Rathje and Marshalltown attorney Gail Boliver

Boliver’s slim hopes ended the minute it was reported he gave thousands of dollars to help Bruce Braley get reelected to Congress

Screen shot 2014-03-01 at 3.03.27 PM

In other words, his hopes ended three seconds ago.

That PPP poll that Jack Hatch was stupidly trumpeting last week, which showed him down by 12 points, was heavily slanted toward Democrats, 37%-31%. There is no way that will reflect the voter turnout on Election Day. Republicans hold a voter registration edge of almost 2,000 in Iowa and turnout is likely to favor Republicans, or be very close …

Hatch goofy grin

So, that 12-point lead for Governor Branstad over Hatch is probably more than 15 points. And that six-point lead for Towelboy Bruce Braley in the U.S. Senate race is probably only two or three points, at best.

Braley’s hero, Commie Tommy Harkin returned to his communist roots and propagandist ways when he praised Cuba’s healthcare system on the U.S. Senate floor last week. That merited a smack down from Senator Marco Rubio, whose dad is a Cuban immigrant.

Finally, restaurants in Florida have started adding an Obamacare surcharge to customers’ bills to help pay for the monstrosity Braley and his Dem pals forced on us. Thanks again Bruce!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of; the tree is the real thing.

Photos by Dave Davidson,

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