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February 9th, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Danny’s Dimness, BVP’s Moderates and Voter ID Hilarity

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Beware of false knowledge. It is more dangerous than ignorance.

Who else is tired of all this global warming we’re experiencing? Oh, sorry. I forgot. It’s now “climate change” … I’m launching a fundraising campaign to help pay for my trip to Pennsylvania to turn Punxsatawney Phil into Punxsatawney Fur. I have had it with this winter and can’t deal with six more weeks of it. So that varmint is toast. Join the cause and fight the power!

New RPI Co-Chair Danny Carroll is apparently under the belief that it’s not his job to elect Republicans. Here’s what he told Radio Iowa last week:

“The constitution of the Republican Party says that one of our main purposes is to promote the principles and policies of Republicans,” Carroll says. “It doesn’t really say anything about electing Republicans. It kind of does indirectly” …

Huh? That quote makes me wonder if Danny Carroll even bothered to read the RPI Constitution. Or at least made it through the second sentence. Here is that sentence, in its entirety:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.42.42 AM

Any rational thinking person, which apparently excludes RPI leadership, understands that the last part of that sentence means helping elect Republicans.

Perhaps it’s time for a constitutional amendment to clearly define the Republican Party of Iowa’s role and purpose. We’ll make sure to use small, one syllable words so everyone on the State Central Committee can understand them.

Vander Plaats Trump

I think I’ve figured out whom Sam Clovis was talking about when he said “out of state moderates” are pushing Bob Vander Plaats to run for the U.S. Senate … Think New York, apprentice, bad hair and Arkansas, Fox, fried squirrel

Some might not consider those gentlemen to be moderates, but there’s certainly an argument that they are both Big Government Republicans … Considering BVP’s entire 2010 campaign was based on an his unconstitutional executive order he promised to issue, you could say BVP is a Big Government guy too.

Tom Harkin returns to his commie roots recently with another trip to Cuba and proclamation about their “remarkable” government run healthcare system. Harkin is easily conned by socialists because he’s one of them. The Blaze has a great story delving into at Harkin’s and John Kerry’s sordid history with propping up socialist dictators.

I tend to give the cops the benefit of the doubt most times, but the SWAT invasion in Ankeny was ridiculous and excessive

All that over alleged credit card fraud? I’d hate to see what these guys were do if they were tracking a dangerous criminal. Black Hawk helicopters? Drones? Grond?

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates Obamacare will reduce the labor force by 2.5 million people and add $1 trillion to the debt over the next several years … Once again, way to go Congressman Braley! Thanks for taking part in the Big Lie and forcing this disaster upon us …

How did the Dems spin this dreadful news? By claiming Americans would no longer be “trapped” in their jobs … Geniuses. Reducing the workforce means less productivity and less national income. But the Democrats get their wish by having more people sucking from the government teat.

Windschitl 2

State Rep. Matt Windschitl is under attack from the all or nothing crowd, again, over comments attributed to him in an Associated Press story. Windschitl, who has introduced Personhood legislation that would ban all abortions, was quoted saying: “I’m not trying to restrict women’s access to health care. I’m not trying to take away a right that the Supreme Court found in 1973. There’s no way that you can fully legislate away abortion, and I fully respect that. It’s about changing hearts and minds.

That quote doesn’t jibe with Windschitl’s past actions or statements, or another quote from Windschitl in the news from last week: “If I could stop all abortion in this state, I would” …

The Missouri Valley lawmaker says he was misquoted:  “I have contacted the AP to rectify the situation. To be clear, I have never agreed with Roe v Wade, nor do I believe its assertion that there is a right to abortion. There can be no such right given or found as it takes the right to life away from another innocent and defenseless person.”

Meanwhile, Windschitl’s bill to ban webcam abortions has moved forward could be debated on the House floor this week … I don’t know if Matt Windschitl misspoke or was misquoted, but I do know he’s fighting to save lives and I wish others in the pro-life community would expend their energies trying to save lives instead of tearing down others on the right side of this fight.

Iowa Senate Democrats should be embarrassed by the way Secretary of State Matt Schultz schooled them on Monday. The constant barrage of attacks from the Dems on Schultz has exposed them as corrupt and unscrupulous … They also don’t care if non-citizens vote in Iowa’s elections. They should just man up and admit it.

I’m sure Schultz chuckled at this one: The North Carolina NAACP organized a march in protest of Voter ID. One of the requirements they asked of participants was to….yep, you guessed it….bring a photo ID … The modern Democrat: Stuck on stupid

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 12.12.25 AM

Finally, my condolences and prayers go out to Iowa House Rep. Mary Wolfe (D-Clinton) whose two sisters were murdered in Pittsburgh a few days ago. They had recently moved there from Iowa. Tragic and senseless.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. False face must hide what the false heart doth know.

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