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January 5th, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Congressional Contemplations, Rand Wants Your Data and SCC Ignores DEC

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.

The race for the GOP nomination to replace Tom Latham is still formulating and might not fully take shape until right before the January 21 caucuses. Brad Zaun’s expected entry into the race will come in about two weeks. David Young is already in. Secretary of State Matt Schultz is giving strong hints that he will enter the race as soon as next week … There could be others, as well …

If Matt Schultz does abandon the SOS reelection efforts for a congressional run, he will disappoint some of his most fervent supporters. Republicans are strongly behind Schultz’ attempts to ensure voter integrity in our elections and that war is far from over

Handing the state’s chief election officer’s job to an Obama campaign hack like Brad Anderson would be a disaster. Anderson denigrates all of Schultz’ efforts and has proven he does not care if non-citizens vote in our elections. That’s not the kind of person we want running our elections … If Secretary Schultz does run for Congress, I hope there is a strong Republican candidate somewhere out there to fill the void …

However, if Schultz does opt for a congressional bid, he would be tough to beat in the primary and general election …

David Young made the right move by ditching his U.S. Senate bid and opting for a congressional run. He’s still an underdog, but as Craig Robinson capably analyzed on Friday, a 20-county congressional race is much more feasible that a statewide senate campaign.

Spiker and Rand Paul

I have to laugh at the rich irony of the Paulistinians freely handing over their personal information to the Rand Paul campaign, supposedly to assist in a lawsuit against the NSA because they’re collecting your personal data …

Here’s a clue: Both the NSA and the Paul campaign are collecting your personal data, but the one more likely to use it is Rand Paul, and not necessarily for any lawsuit … At least, that won’t be the only thing your personal data is used for …

Of course, in a surprise to no one, Republican Party of Iowa leadership, aka the Rand 2016 campaign, is dutifully assisting in this data collection effort …

RPI Paul data collection

The sites for three of the four 2014 Iowa GOP district conventions have been determined. The First District will convene in Cedar Rapids (again), the Second District in Ottumwa (more on that in a moment), and the Third District listened to the District Executive Committee and chose Stuart

By ignoring the recommendation of the Second District Executive Committee to hold the convention in Davenport, RPI leadership once again proved it is ignoring the grassroots activists of the party. And the DECs are the grassroots …

The State Central Committee members representing the Second District originally wanted to hold the convention in the Paulistinian stronghold of Fairfield, but were talked out of that because Fairfield hosted the convention in 2010

SCC member Bob Anderson voted in favor of holding the convention in Davenport. The other three (Marcus Fedler, Jeff Shipley and Mark Doland) disregarded the DEC, along with logic and reason, and opted for Ottumwa. Shipley and Fedler are Big Liberty minions who blindly agree to whatever the mothership suggests …

Scott County is by far the largest county in the district and is a closer driving distance for the majority of delegates. Ottumwa is more than a 2½ hour drive from Davenport

Additionally, according to a cost analysis done by the Second DEC leadership, the Davenport location would have cost around $5,000 less than the Ottumwa one. Considering how cash strapped RPI is, you would think saving $5,000 might be an important factor. Apparently not.

Jack Hatch in Clear Lake

Dem gubernatorial Jack Hatch thought he accomplished something when Bob Krause dropped out of the race and endorsed the Des Moines politician. Unfortunately for Hatch, this was the response from Iowa voters: Who in the blue hell is Bob Krause?

Making matters worse for Mr. N-Word, instead of extolling the Hatch’s accolades, Krause hijacked the press conference and announced a run for the U.S. Senate. In 2016 … In other news, Senator Chuck Grassley slept very soundly this weekend.

Olson and Hatch pray for abortion

Jack Hatch does have one thing to be proud of this week. His unholy prayer for more abortions was one of the most viewed stories of 2013 on conservative blogs. The story, first reported here on and linked across the country on dozens of sites, including the Drudge Report, was the fourth most viewed story of the year on Hot Air, with 242,654 views …

The YouTube video of Hatch’s unholy prayer is nearing 50,000 views. He’s famous … Congratulations Jack!

State Senator Janet Petersen, who is also in the video praying for abortion, while standing next to her pal Tyler Olson, announced she will not run for governor. So, in a late Christmas present to the Branstad campaign, via the process of they can’t find anyone better, Jack Hatch will be the Dems’ nominee for governor.

Finally, I wanted to ridicule the global warming activists who were out to prove the Arctic Ice is melting, but failed spectacularly by getting stuck in the ice for days because there was much more than they expected, but I could not sum up the hilarity of the situation any better than Newton preacher and conservative activist Aaron Gunsaulus:

Screen shot 2014-01-04 at 5.23.27 PM


That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.

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