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March 23rd, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Braleycare Birthday, Stoning Spiker and Walker’s Wisdom

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

It’s a festive day here on the Korner. We are celebrating the fourth anniversary of ObamaBraleycare being signed into law. The day that will life in infamy, March 23, 2010 … Two days later, we got Bruce Braley’s Big Lie(s). Here’s what Braley wrote on his official congressional website on March 25, 2010, with the lies properly pointed out by yours truly:

“This bill will decrease health insurance costs (LIE), expand access to quality, affordable health care, improve reimbursements for Iowa medical providers (LIE) and allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance (BIG LIE).”

Keep in mind that the man who wants to be your next United States senator claims he read the bill closely. So, either Bruce Braley knew what he was saying was a lie or he lied about the examining the bill closely or he was too stupid to figure this all out … It has to be one of those three …

Braley silenced

“After reading the bill, listening to my constituents and debating the bill’s provisions in Congress, I’m convinced this legislation is good for Iowa,” he stated … I’m convinced that Bruce Braley is a shyster. Four years later, he still has not apologized for lying to Iowans. I doubt he ever will.

You would think on the anniversary of Braleycare, with Braley running for U.S. Senate in one of the most crucial races in the nation, the chairman of Iowa’s Republican Party would do something to help his party, like pointing out Braley’s b.s. Instead, in typical A.J. Spiker fashion, he does something that will only divide Iowa Republicans


Spiker has an op-ed in this morning’s rag, calling for the legalization of medical marijuana … Regardless of the merits of the issue, Spiker knows full well that the Republican Party is divided on it. When he does an op-ed as the chairman of the party, he is speaking on behalf of the entire Republican Party, something Spiker knows full well he should not be doing … That’s why he didn’t wait a week, when his tenure is over, to write this op-ed. He should have …

Spiker did not seek input from the SCC, the party’s board of directors, before writing the op-ed … Spiker also knows support for medical marijuana is not in the current state platform, which is his usual fallback excuse. He should also know that the delegates at the Polk County GOP convention, by far the largest in the state, overwhelmingly rejected support for medical marijuana in this year’s platform …

Spiker loves Ron Paul

So, one week before he quits his job as chairman, Rand Paul’s paid political operative once again does something that does not benefit the Iowa GOP. We’ve had two years of this crap. He’s working on Rand’s behalf, trying to consolidate the Paulistinians … Then again, A.J. has been working for Big Liberty all along, not RPI, regardless of where the paychecks came from …

Now you can go ahead and toke away, A.J. And don’t let the door hit ya … Good riddance.

The Paulistinian Proud State Central Committee members will elect Danny Carroll as the new state party chairman next Saturday. Due to his angry rants against the party he now wants to lead, Carroll’s tenure is not likely to last long. There will be wholesale changes on the SCC after the district conventions and the current crop of Spiker’s pals will be swept out, if they dare to run again …

The rational thinkers on the SCC, who are clearly in the minority, realize Danny Carroll will be another cancer in the chairman’s seat, much like Spiker. And yes, I know Carroll is not a Paulistinian, per se. However, Big Liberty has clearly developed an incestuous relationship with some of the gullible and power mad so-cons in the party, all in an effort to help Rand 2016

Tamara Scott

Speaking of which, I wonder how Spiker’s defender Tamara Scott will spin his latest boneheaded decision. After all, this one is not in the platform … She has consistently disappointed the people who elected her by voting in unison with Big Liberty’s agenda and supporting it publicly …

Tamara Scott will almost assuredly vote for her fellow Family Leader lobbyist Danny Carroll to be the new chair …  Oh wait, they’re both (presumably) paid lobbyists for the same organization. Gee, no conflict of interest there … I believe the proper thing for our national committeewoman to do would be to recuse herself from any votes that involve people she works with …


Some conservatives found a brief high, without the benefit of cannabis, when libertarian Lee Hieb announced she was running for governor and one of her main focuses would be repealing Common Core. Then Hieb’s position on abortion became clear, and the bandwagon emptied …

Basically, Hieb’s stance on abortion is, however the legislature votes on it, including making abortion legal in all instances, Lee Hieb is ok with it … Yes, really …

This is not a pro-life position: “The people can legally decide to get government completely out of this issue, or to make it illegal, or to make it totally legal, or to restrict it in some cases. As Governor I will side with the people through their elected representatives.”

BTW, using Hieb’s logic regarding abortion, if the Iowa Legislature voted in favor of Common Core, she would be perfectly fine with that too … Ditto for murder, armed robbery, bestiality … This is yet another illustration of how libertarianism and social conservatism do not and cannot intertwine, no matter how hard people like Rand Paul try to straddle that line.

BTW, every pro-life law on the books in Iowa was signed by Terry Branstad.

Do you think liberal State Senator Rob Hogg sees the irony in the fact that he behaves like a bully on the Iowa Senate floor while trying to pass anti-bullying legislation? Me neither …

Last week, Hogg delayed debate on bullying so he could finish a text, sent another text while a colleague was asking him a question, screamed and cursed like a rebellious teenager while he criticized every amendment Republicans offered. Basically, Hogg acted like a complete douchebag … No one in the senate was surprised, either.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker once again shows he’s a master at riling up the liberals. The atheists are up in arms because Walker tweeted the book and number of a Bible verse. Not the verse itself, just the book and number. The atheists, showing a Rob Hogg-esque lack of self-awareness, are demanding he remove the tweet, calling it “rude” and “arrogant”.

Scott Walker Bible tweet

Walker told them to go to hell … No, not really … BTW, Philippians 4:13 says: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Finally, good luck to the Cyclones today against the North Carolina Tar Heels. As a native North Carolinian, there is no team I dislike more than the Tar Heels. Even without George Niang, the Clones can pull through. Good luck, guys!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.

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