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August 31st, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: Big Liberty Broken, Poll Tolls and Unsettled Science

Sorenson and Paul

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.

There is no joy here at the downfall of Kent Sorenson. Although it was’s reporting that helped precipitate his demise, Sorenson has no one to blame but himself. He knew accepting money under the table from both the Bachmann and Paul presidential campaigns was wrong, and in violation of Iowa Senate rules, but did it anyway …

Sorenson also lied over and over and over, perhaps so much that he had convinced himself he did nothing wrong. And some of his sycophantic followers believed it to the end, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary …

It is good that Kent Sorenson finally accepted responsibility for his actions. It’s also unfortunate it took him so long to admit it. Sorenson could have saved himself and his family a lot of trouble if he had resigned from the Iowa Senate at any point before the ethics investigation was sent to a special investigator. Instead, Sorenson was defiant and somehow convinced himself he’d never get caught. He was wrong …

Even after Sorenson resigned from the state senate, he continued to deny any wrongdoing. Much like former Ron Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton is doing now


I suspect there was a great tremor in the halls of Big Liberty when news broke of Sorenson’s guilty plea. One after-effect already occurred when Jesse Benton resigned as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager on Friday. McConnell should have given Benton the boot long ago …

It goes deeper. Days after Sorenson betrayed Michelle Bachmann and joined the Paulistinians, Ron Paul went on Fox News emphatically denying his campaign, or anyone connected to it, offered Sorenson any money. We now know, as a matter of fact due to Sorenson’s guilty plea, Ron Paul was not telling the truth …

If evidence turns up that show Dr. Paul was lying, it will not reflect well on the Paulistinians’ idol or his son’s presidential hopes. The fallout of this mess has just begun and several other people, from Iowa to Colorado to D.C., and points in-between, could face criminal charges.

Hatch Vernon

Jack Hatch’s campaign must think their supporters are really stupid. There’s no other explanation for the mind-boggling email the Hatch apparatchiks sent out last week claiming “Jack Hatch has all the momentum in this race right now” … Yes, really

Two months ago, they were touting polls showing Hatch trailing by eight points. Now, the polls show Branstad ahead by two touchdowns. Hatch has lost ground in the polls, has no money and has no support from the Democrat Governor’s Association

And the news that he blocked legislation to keep pocketing millions in taxpayer money is devastating. Refusing to release his tax returns will not help, either. What are you hiding, Jack?


The USA Today/Suffolk poll released a few days ago revealed some interesting insights, and some ridiculous results. Despite only polling 170 likely Republican caucus goers, they claimed Mitt Romney is leading Iowa’s presidential race.

I cannot make this any clearer: Romney absolutely should not run again. He had his chances. He failed. Move on. Please …

However, Romney Version 3 isn’t nearly as ridiculous as Jonathan Narcisse running for governor, again, after promising he would not run as an independent. He polled at 0% in the USA Today poll. The pro-choice libertarian candidate pulled in 1%

Craig Robinson has an excellent breakdown of the tied U.S. Senate showdown between Joni Ernst and Towelboy the Trial Lawyer … Other interesting findings in the USA Today poll include the secretary of state race between Paul Pate and career political hack Brad Anderson in a tie … And Mary Mosiman has some work to do to expand her lead in the auditor’s race. I’m confident she will.

Planned Parenthood fraud

It’s been a bad two weeks for the state’s largest abortion provider. Last week, a district judge upheld the Iowa Board of Medicine’s ban on webcam abortions. Planned Parenthood is appealing the decision …

This week, an appeals court reinstated the lawsuit against Planned Parenthood by former employee Sue Thayer. The suit claims the abortion provider submitted “repeated false, fraudulent, and/or ineligible claims for reimbursements” to Medicaid and failed to meet acceptable standards of medical practice. Thayer joined the pro-life effort after personally witnessing the barbarism of her employer …

And all bad news for Planned Parenthood comes right around the one-year anniversary of Jack Hatch and Janet Petersen praying for abortions during a rally at the State Capitol … Hmmm.


President Obama says he has no strategy for dealing with the growing ISIS threat, but at least he’s working hard on it. Barack is spending Labor Day weekend attending three Democrat fundraisers and a wedding … The terrorists are terrified.

Seven years ago, and again just five years ago, global warming huckster Al Gore predicted the north polar ice cap could be gone by now. John Kerry said the same thing in 2009. Instead, the ice cap is growing and now covers 5.62 million kilometers

An area twice the size of Alaska that was open water two years ago is now covered in thick ice … But, of course, the man-made global warming science “is settled” … This news comes as reports emerge that Obama is plotting an unconstitutional runaround Congress to join international climate change pact.

Time for our weekly The Des Moines Register Embarrasses Itself, Again segment: They published a letter to the editor from a self-proclaimed “Republican”, slamming Governor Branstad and used the headline “This Republican is ready for new blood” … Let’s see, is Karen Thomson from Montezuma a Republican? Umm, no …

Dem false Republican

She is, in fact, a Democrat activist. And a dishonest one, who easily conned the Register … She is also a member of, or has close ties to, the CCI nut jobs … The Register published another anti-Branstad letter from this longtime liberal activist in May.

Of course, the Register has never been able to resist any effort to tear down Governor Branstad and make the governor’s race competitive (which they have failed to do), so this is no surprise.

Mike Pence

Add Indiana Governor Mike Pence to the growing list of possible presidential hopefuls descending on Iowa recently. He will speak at a luncheon fundraiser for Governor Branstad next week …

The Marion County GOP has an interesting event coming up next Saturday, September 6, in Knoxville. WHO Radio’s Jan Mickelson will emcee, Sam Clovis and other GOP candidates will speak and one of the silent auction items included a U.S. flag that flew over the White House when Ronald Reagan was president. Very cool.

Finally, my fellow ginger Richard Macrae is a genius. He uses a homemade “ginger discount card” to save money everywhere he goes. And it actually works at a lot of places. I look forward to Iowa businesses accepting these cards in the coming weeks. #SavetheGingers.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

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