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December 28th, 2014

Kevin’s Korner: 37th Annual Korner Awards

Ernst victory speech

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.

It is time for the year-end awards show like no other, the 37th Annual Korner Awards. Enjoy.

Biggest Surprise: David Young vaulting from a fifth place finish in the congressional primary to victory in the special nominating convention.

GOP Star of the Future: State Senator Jack Whitver.

Best ad: No surprises here. Make ‘em squeal, Senator Ernst!

Worst Ad: David Young’s “Good Meal” spot. What in the blue hell was that?

The Grassley is Always Greener: Iowa’s longtime U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley became even more beloved thanks to the bumbling of Bruce Braley. They made the almost insurmountable task of defeating him in 2016 into a legitimately insurmountable task. Well done.

Worst candidate: Bruce Braley. From being the Iowa Dems’ golden child to losing Tom Harkin’s senate seat and his own congressional seat to Republicans. Somebody get Bruce a towel to dry his tears.

Runner up for worst candidate: Jack Hatch.

Glass Ceiling Breaker: Joni Ernst, who becomes the first female to represent Iowa in Congress. She joins the exclusive company of fellow ceiling breakers Linda Upmeyer, the first female Iowa House majority leader and Mary Mosiman, the first female Iowa state auditor. The beauty of them all being Republicans is especially sweet.

Master Debater: Sam Clovis. He has an incredible grasp of the issues and ability to clearly explain his conservative views that is on par with anyone in the country. And he’s a great guy as well.

Please Grow it Back: Jack Hatch’s mustache. The most common description I’ve heard of Hatch’s appearance with the ‘stache: “Creepy”.

Best smackdown of a race hustler: YouTube user“Honestly Speaking”, a black lady who verbally destroyed Al Sharpton in just 49 seconds:

Worst prediction: Bruce Braley campaign strategist Jeff Link, who predicted the video of Braley denigrating Senator Grassley and Iowa farmers would be a “blip in the road”. It was more like an impenetrable steel barricade.

Putting a good idea into action: Retired dentist Bruce Heilman. Last week, in response to all the negative stories about police in the news, Heilman decided it would be a good idea to show Des Moines area police that he appreciates their service. In a matter of days, Heilman organized a walk through downtown that included more than 100 people.

“In the middle of it all I kind of thought to myself, I don’t ever remember saying ‘Thank you’ to a police officer,” Heilman said. “I shied away from anything like a march or a protest or rally, and just had a walk. And we did it with no ulterior motive at all other than saying thank you to the police.” Well done.

Best use of a motorcycle and leather jacket since The Fonz: Joni Ernst in her second U.S. Senate ad.

Piling it on Award: Rod Blum’s victory in the Democrat-leaning First Congressional District. Blum taking the seat held by Bruce Braley was an especially cruel kick to the gut for Iowa Dems. Beautiful.

The “Who peed in his Wheaties this morning?” Award: Terry Branstad at the Polk County GOP dinner. The guv was fired up.

Best interrogator: Simon Conway. Keyser Soze would have trouble slipping the WHO Radio host’s grilling.

Who in the blue hell are you?: Bill Bailey, who apparently was running for the U.S. Senate and got Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton to campaign on his behalf and Mitt Romney to criticize him.

Most lopsided and overblown coverage: The Des Moines Register’s non-stop “investigative reports” on settlements with state employees. Colluding with Iowa Senate Democrats to try to bring down the Republican governor was shameful enough. The Register took it even further by completely failing to report on the actual facts of the hearings and what the witnesses said under oath. Instead, they tried to set the tone of the hearings beforehand.

Good riddance award: The Paulistinians who ran the state party into the ground for two years.

You’re welcome award: To everyone, from us at the TIR did the country a huge favor by breaking the story regarding Bruce Braley threatening to sue his neighbors over chickens wandering into his yard. It revealed a lot about the character (or lack thereof) of the liberal congressman. The local media was slow to catch on, but they finally covered it, begrudgingly. The story haunted Braley through the campaign and helped seal his defeat.

Worst pairing: Big Liberty and The Family Leader. The Paulistinians formed an unholy alliance with The Family Leader so both groups could try to hang onto power in the state party. They got their collective butts kicked.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Award: Staci Appel, for answering almost every debate question by telling us she is a mother of six. Voters sent a message to Mrs. Appel that childbearing, although admirable, is not a qualifier for election to Congress.

Quit whining, hypocrites: To the Braley campaign and Democrats everywhere for their incessant complaining about the Koch brothers spending money to help Republican candidates. The facts show wealthy donors spent far more to help Democrats in 2014. Of course, that won’t stop the Dems from continuing their hypocritical whining for the next two years.

Congrats to all the winners. That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. When you are winning a war, almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise.

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