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March 26th, 2014

Jacobs Campaign Launches New Radio Ad Regarding Braley’s Insulting Remarks about Grassley and Iowa Farmers

Jacobs for Iowa today released a new radio ad showing Iowans how Rep. Bruce Braley says one thing in private and says another in public. Braley recently got caught red-handed telling a group of his trial-lawyer buddies at a private fundraiser that Sen. Grassley is just “a farmer from Iowa, who never went to law school, never practiced law.”

While Braley diminishes Grassley’s ag background and ability to serve as the Judiciary Committee Chair, Mark is “proud of Iowa and all the hard-working Iowa families who make their living off the land.”

While Braley continues to protect the legislative agenda of his trial-lawyer cronies, Mark will fight on behalf of Iowans alongside Chuck Grassley to pass meaningful tort reform.

The 60-second spot will air statewide beginning today. You can listen to the full ad below.

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