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April 17th, 2014

In Their Own Words: Goodyk’s, Howe’s Involvement in U.S. Senate Forum

During our reporting on the Polk County GOP’s decision to withdraw as co-sponsor of U.S. Senate candidate forum to be held at Grand View University Wednesday night, mentioned evidence that activists Monte Goodyk and Joseph Howe had involvement in drafting some of the questions to be asked or had access to the list of questions prior to the forum.

Goodyk and Howe, in their own words, have confirmed some of what we have reported. In Goodyk’s case, he admitted to an even more troubling issue on Thursday.

A statement Monte Goodyk made in responding to my questions, via Facebook, indicates he and at least one other person wanted to manipulate some of the questions (emphasis mine).

“I told April that I was willing to share with her what I knew because it was really nothing groundbreaking.  We were trying to figure out how to make Clovis and Whittacker stand apart so “Liberty people” could make a better decision.  It was simple conversation over a beer.  In fact there was no intent to go over this beforehand.”

Mr. Goodyk has endorsed Sam Clovis in the U.S. Senate primary. He also posted the text of our conversation elsewhere on Facebook.

Here are the screen caps from that Facebook conversation:

Beginning of Goodyk questions screenshot

End of Goodyk questions screenshot

Here is the entire Facebook conversation I had with Mr. Goodyk Thursday afternoon:

Monte, I have bent over backwards to give you a chance to come clean on your knowledge of the questions. Your comments still do not jibe with what I have documented proof of you saying. Man up and come clean.


Monte GoodykSimple. I told April I had a list. I didn’t have an ACTUAL list. I was actually trying to help April at the time to realize that there were no gotcha questions that I knew of.  I was trying to help her and you are making me regret that. I have already apologized for my mistakes to those who matter to me.


Monte GoodykI told April that I was willing to share with her what I knew because it was really nothing groundbreaking.  We were trying to figure out how to make Clovis and Whittacker stand apart so “Liberty people” could make a better decision.  It was simple conversation over a beer.  In fact there was no intent to go over this beforehand.


Kevin HallSo you verify that you said you had a list of questions for the forum? That’s what you said above. 
Do you also confirm you said you could have gotten a copy of the list to April after GVU refused?
 And do you confirm that you dsaid you would have the questions ahead of time so it would be easier for you to live blog the event?


Monte GoodykI told you the truth is my above statement.  I’m not going to go into details from a private conversation.

You will note Goodyk refused to answer the questions I sent at 12:22. He also claims “there is no actual list”.

That claim does not support what Goodyk told the Polk County GOP’s executive director during a Facebook conservation Tuesday evening. Monte Goodyk said he had access to the list, said he “could have easily gotten you the questions”, said he had seen the questions, and said he wanted to have the questions pre-typed to help with his live blog of the candidate forum.

Here is that Facebook conversation, edited slightly to remove some colorful language and typos. Mr. Goodyk’s comments are in bold:

Ok, what’s up with Polk County pulling out of the debate tomorrow night?

We requested a copy of the questions and were told no even though we were the co-sponsors.  It is honestly nothing more than us protecting the county party.  It has nothing to do with any candidates.

We’ve been asking for weeks and she told us no


Her emails were pretty ugly

Yes Sarah

Well, Sarah is not exactly a diplomat or social butterfly…

Nope…she’s a piece of work

And now there’s lots of rumors and speculation being thrown around by Adil, and Kim and the like

Let me ask you this.  Why does anybody need to know what the questions are?

Would you put your name behind something without knowing what it is?

Well…I’m not sure.  I have to say I don’t trust most withing the Polk GOP any further than I can throw them…

It’s kinda like supporting financially a candidate but the candidate not being willing to tell you where they stand

I have a concern that the questions might be shared with certain candidates.

Do you trust me?  Just FYI it was my request, my decision and my press release

I trust you.  I don’t trust Will.

I would never share any questions with ANY candidate!

I could have easily gotten you the questions.  I have seen them.

Should have asked me.

Will wasn’t involved until I told him today what I was doing

You have seen them and I couldn’t????

Yeah, I have seen some.  That is a top secret thing!

I could have got a copy.

That seriously upsets me.

Only because I’m live blogging it and wanted some of it pre typed

I wanted to have the questions typed out and then add each person’s answers as they talk.

That’s BS Monte!


It’s only because I’m helping with the video and promoting the event.


The few I’ve actually seen are very common questions.

I’m sure it’s because Sarah doesn’t trust you.  Sorry…

You’ve publicly endorsed one of the candidates how is that not a concern

I don’t (care) if she trusts me or not. She shouldn’t have agreed to our deal and had us put in the work we did

I have integrity.  I’m not going to share anything with him.

Restate what you just said about integrity because that sounds a lot like an insult that I don’t

No no no…don’t take it that way.

I have already told you that I trust YOU.  I don’t trust Will and others!

The ironic part was that Will had NOTHING  to do with it

That’s why I said that I WOULD not have a problem sharing them with YOU.

Sarah is not returning my texts now…I’m going to ask her for the full list.

I might be able to get it from Joseph.

Most people know that my honesty and integrity is the most important thing to me.  more valuable than money!  I will NEVER compromise it for a candidate!

Not even Ron Paul! has both an electronic and a hard copy of this conversation. We did not release this earlier because our source did not give us permission to. However, TIR had access to this conversations Tuesday night, before writing our article on the event and appearing on WHO Radio.

Here are some pics of the hard copies of this conversation, which include Facebook pictures and time stamps:




Mr. Goodyk referenced “Joseph” toward the end of this Facebook conversation, saying he might be able to get the list of questions from him. The Joseph he was referring to is Joseph Howe, another “liberty’ activist who is not a Grand View college student.

As reported on Wednesday, Joseph Howe posted a comment on the Polk County GOP’s Facebook page that he had a role in drafting some of the questions for the forum. Several people saw that post before he deleted it.

Mr. Howe confirmed Thursday, via Facebook message, that he did indeed post that comment. He also confirmed to speaking with Sarah Brooks, the chair of the Grand View College Republicans, about the debate questions.

Here is the screen shot:

Joseph Howe screenshot

Here is the entire text of what Mr. Howe wrote (emphasis mine):

“Sarah and I had an informal conversation about how the forum set up was going. There was no contact or coordination with any organization such as Liberty Iowa or any of the activists listed in the blog post.  I am not a Grand View staffer as has been erroneously stated on WHO Radio, though I am Grand View alumni.

I fired off 4-5 questions that I thought would be relevant which were taken as suggestions. The college Republicans chose to use their own questions and not include the suggested ones, I was not aware of this until after I posted my comment.  I also was not provided a list of questions prior to the debate.

The questions I suggested were not used; the GV College Republicans chose their own questions and words. I was unaware of this when I posted on Facebook, which was an error in judgment and did nothing to help the situation. I removed the post as I did not want to fuel further speculation.

None of this was made public until after the Polk County GOP withdrew support. Their allegations of leaked questions do not match up with the timeliness of my Facebook comment as there was no way of knowing about  my suggestions until after the withdrawal of the county party.”

As co-sponsors of the event, the Polk County GOP requested the list of questions for the forum. The Grand View College Republicans Chair, Sarah Brooks, denied that request. That refusal, as well as a lack of ability to communicate with Brooks in the weeks and days leading up to the event, led to the Polk GOP withdrawing their co-sponsorship of the candidate forum

The candidate forum was held, without the Polk GOP’s involvement, on Wednesday. Sam Clovis, Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker were the only candidates that participated.

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