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March 27th, 2014

Braley’s Bane: His Mouth

Despite his eight years in Congress, almost half of Iowa voters are still unfamiliar with First District Congressman and U.S. Senate hopeful Bruce Braley. At least, they were until this week. Now the entire state is getting familiar him and they’re finding the real Bruce Braley quite distasteful.

Braley’s slight of Senator Grassley and Iowa farmers while trying to woo Texas trial lawyers is just the latest sign that the liberal congressman is an elitist snob who looks down at the very same common folk he claims to stand up for in Washington, D.C. It was not a simple gaffe. It was just the latest incident in a pattern of behavior that shows Bruce Braley is completely out of his touch with Iowans.

The video from the Texas fundraiser shows a deep disdain for one of the most beloved politicians in Iowa history. It also shows contempt for farmers and those who work in agri-business. Bruce Braley represents one of the top agricultural states in the nation, but carries a complete lack of respect for the people of that state, unless they hold degrees from prestigious law schools.

There is a very good reason why Braley’s senate campaign blocks trackers from covering his campaign events. They are afraid the real Bruce Braley will be caught on video saying something stupid, just as he was in January while pandering to a group of wealthy trial lawyers.

While Braley’s campaign bragged that he had completed “the full Grassley”, a tour of all 99 Iowa counties, the truth is that he did not. Unlike Senator Grassley and Governor Branstad, few of Braley’s events were open to the public.

Grassley and Branstad conduct town hall meetings in every corner of the state, so they can learn what is on the minds of the people they represent. Braley hides from voters with private house parties, closed-door fundraisers and visits with supporters that ensure a friendly audience. He refuses to hold an open dialogue with Iowa voters.

Here is the Real Bruce Braley:

–He claims to support farmers but clearly feels they are beneath him.

–He claims to be for veterans, but votes for a budget that strips their pensions, including the pensions of Wounded Warriors.

–He tried to convince voters that he tried to save insurance plans they lost due to Obamacare, but he voted against an amendment that would have done exactly that in 2009.

–And while Americans were feeling real effects from that sequester, what was Bruce Braley worried about? The lack of towel service in the U.S. House gym.

Bruce Braley does not represent Iowa values in Washington, D.C. He represents the values of his fellow ambulance chasing trial lawyers.

The U.S. Senate campaign has finally begun in earnest. Until Tuesday, the GOP candidates focused much of their attention on tearing down each other. Now, Bruce Braley is the one, true target.

The Democrats’ golden child might have accomplished two things no other candidate in the field showed the ability to do on their own: uniting Republicans and energizing independents.

It’s on now, in a major way. Braley’s bungle will be seen and heard by every Iowa voter, repeatedly. The YouTube video will soon surpass 100,000 views. It was all over local and national news. GOP candidate Mark Jacobs is featuring it in a statewide radio ad. Joni Ernst’s first ad, focusing on her farm background, was perfectly timed and has gone viral, with 250,000 views.

Meanwhile, Braley’s bungle will be replayed in voters’ homes courtesy of Priorities for Iowa. They produced a video that will run statewide on broadcast TV and cable for the next 10 days. The buy is approximately $250,000.

Robocalls slamming Braley, courtesy for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, are also going out. And that is just the beginning.

Bruce Braley was already tied to the Lie of the Year, because he repeated President Obama’s lie that Iowans they would be able to keep their current insurance under Obamacare. Now, Braley has committed the Gaffe of the Year.

Iowa Democrats are rightfully panicking. They anointed Braley the heir apparent to Tom Harkin and cleared the primary field for him. Now, they’re stuck with a very vulnerable candidate who barely held onto his congressional seat in a liberal district in 2010.

Bruce Braley is very beatable in this U.S. Senate race. Game on.

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