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March 12th, 2014

Braley Extremely Vulnerable Amongst Seniors

In less than 30 days Iowa seniors may see devastating cuts to their Medicare plans thanks to Bruce Braley.

As part of ObamaCare, the Administration has proposed substantial cuts to Medicare Advantage. These cuts are due to be finalized April 7th and will affect 30% of all Medicare recipients – or 16 million seniors – nationwide that are enrolled in the popular program. These cuts directly result from Bruce Braley’s support for ObamaCare, which takes $206 billion from Medicare Advantage.

According to America’s Health Insurance Plans’ Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC), Iowa seniors on Medicare Advantage plans will experience cost increases and benefit cuts of an estimated $35-$45 per month in 2015 as a result of this year’s 5.9% cuts to the program due to ObamaCare.

Now, a new poll of Iowa seniors indicates that they oppose ObamaCare by a large margin and will blame Democrats like Bruce Braley for any negative changes (like the loss of benefits and services) to their coverage.

Among the findings of likely Iowa senior voters:

  • 49% disapprove of ObamaCare.
  • 48% believe ObamaCare will negatively impact Medicare (22% say “much worse.”)
  • Republicans have the advantage on Medicare: 41% of Iowa seniors trust Republicans while just 38% trust Democrats.
  • 74% expressed concern that the Medicare Advantage rate reduction will increase the costs that seniors have to pay.
  • 74% say that if the cost of Medicare Advantage plans rise, it will be one of the most significant issues to determine their vote.  

Bruce Braley’s support for ObamaCare means that many seniors will see their premiums rise, benefits shrink, and they may lose access to the doctor they’ve known for years. In 2012, Bruce Braley ran a campaign ad claiming ObamaCare didn’t weaken Medicare, it strengthened Medicare.

“When selling ObamaCare, Bruce Braley made one promise after another, despite knowing he couldn’t keep them,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “Now that ObamaCare is being implemented so many Iowans – including seniors – see the law for the failure it is. Deceiving seniors about Medicare serves as the latest reminder why Iowans can’t trust Braley to keep his word.”

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