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April 29th, 2014

Braley Behind Closed Doors With His Trail Lawyer Friends

What Does Bruce Braley Really Talk About With His Rich Trial Lawyer Donors?
Bruce Braley Should Invite Journalists to Secret Trial Lawyers Association Event in NYC

Just last month, Democrat Bruce Braley was caught on camera making elitist and belittling comments about Iowa farmers to a room full of out of state trial lawyers. Braley has repeatedly tried, and failed, to adequately explain his offensive remarks, and has recently pivoted to defending his comments, saying they weren’t intended to be disparaging.

On Thursday, Bruce Braley is once again meeting in secret with the trial lawyers that are financing his campaign. Over the last year Braley has crisscrossed the map from California to VirginiaNew York to TexasNorth Carolina to Louisiana filling his campaign coffers with dollars from trial lawyers.

Multiple attempts have been made to find out whether the New York State Trial Lawyers Association will allow journalists into the event. If Bruce Braley is going to speak at the ritzy New York Trial Lawyers Association dinner, he should invite journalists to listen to his remarks so that Iowans know whether he will once again disparage them. If Bruce Braley wants to be honest with Iowans then he should answer a very simple question: Will journalists be permitted to attend his ritzy trial lawyers event in New York City?

“Bruce Braley was caught promising out-of-state trial lawyers that he would be their voice in the Senate and Iowans have a right to know what he’s now promising them behind closed doors,” said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. “If Bruce Braley has nothing to hide, he’ll invite journalists to witness his latest closed door meeting with the powerful out-of-state trial lawyers that fund his campaign.”


Braley Has Taken Staggering Amounts Of Money From Lawyers

Braley Has Received $4.1 Million From Lawyers And Law Firms Over The Course Of His Career – More Than Any Current Member Of The House. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 3/25/14)

Braley Has Received $1.1 Million From Lawyers And Law Firms During The 2014 Cycle Alone – Four Times More Than The Next Closest House Or Senate Candidate. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 3/25/14)

Braley Has Received At Least $59,750 From The Trial Lawyers’ Political Organization, The American Association For Justice. (Center For Responsive Politics,, Accessed 3/25/14)

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