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January 23rd, 2013

Woman Born from Gang Rape Shares Pro-Life Story at Capitol

Juda Myers began her speech by asking who would come to her aid if a man suddenly attacked her. Everyone in the room raised their hand. Myers wishes people felt the same way about protecting life in the womb. The pro-life advocate pointed out that her DNA is the exact same as the day she was conceived in a gang rape.

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Myers visited the Iowa State Capitol to share her message. Packed into a conference room were 75 attendees who listened intently to Myers’ story. Among the crowd were 15 Republican state legislators, including Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix.

Many people who consider themselves pro-life make exceptions in the case of rape and incest. Juda Myers wants those exceptions to end.

“The people who believe in abortion for rape and incest only, if you’re a pro-life person and you say, ‘But…’ I would like to take the ‘but’ out because in the case of rape and incest, that’s a crime,” Myers said. “It is illegal, I believe, to tamper with any evidence of a crime. Am I correct? Then why is it that people will section out to protect the criminal in rape and incest?”

Tampering with evidence was the overarching theme of Myers’ speech. Rape and incest are crimes and by supporting those exceptions for abortions, you are protecting the rapist, she says. Juda Myers believes babies conceived in those circumstances deserve a chance at life, just like anyone else.

“We are the negotiating tool of the pro-life people and we are the foundation for the pro-aborts for abortion on demand,” Myers said.

Myers discovered in 2003 that she was the product of rape. Two years later, her mother revealed the circumstances of that rape: eight attackers. Myers said her mother found out about the pregnancy during a hospital visit. The doctor told her he would take care “it”. That drew a terse response from Juda Myers’ mother.

“I’ll take care of ‘it’? It? It is my baby and you will not take care of it,” Myers said. “Thank God my mother was a strong woman.”

As Myers spoke, a buzzer sounded every 94 seconds. That is how often Planned Parenthood performs abortions in the United States. Tamara Scott, the state director of Concerned Women for America, encouraged the legislators in the room to act. Immediately.

“Planned Parenthood has gotten $542 million of taxpayer money this year and they perform an abortion every 94 seconds. While we’re debating whether or not this is a good session or bad session or somebody in the Senate might not let something through so let’s wait until next year, every 94 seconds another baby is sentenced to death,” Scott said. “A fellow American, before they ever take their first breath, will not get the chance to be born. Protected by our Constitution: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And we sit back because we’re not sure the political climate is yet right. It is yet right. The time is now and it’s right.”

CWA of Iowa arranged Myers’ visit to Iowa, which also included speeches at local churches, media interviews and a forum at DMACC of Ankeny on Tuesday evening. Planned Parenthood representatives were also invited to the Ankeny forum. They declined.

The legislators who listened to Myers’ testimony were clearly moved. The issue of abortion and the exceptions in the case of rape and incest are hotly debated. However, it is rare that legislators encounter someone who can put a face on those tragic circumstances, as Juda Myers’ did.

“Powerful message,” said Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig). “It’s impressive to see somebody with such courage go so far out there on that branch to make the point that this is life and death for real human beings who want to speak for themselves but at that point don’t have that opportunity.

“We all who consider ourselves pro-life, we understand that it’s not just going to be legislated from the top down approach,” said Greg Heartsill (R-Knoxville). “It’s also going to have to be appealing to people’s hearts and she is doing what a lot of us can’t do at the government level is she’s appealing to people’s hearts and minds so I appreciate what she had to share and I applaud her for her courage and conviction in doing that.”

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