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July 12th, 2013

Why Does Tyler Olson Hate Old People? The Friday Roundup

Democrat wunderkind Tyler Olsen’s main argument for why Governor Terry Branstad doesn’t deserve another term in office is because he’s old.  Branstad, who’s only 66 by the way, is seeking his sixth term as Iowa’s governor.  It’s worth noting that Branstad hasn’t served five consecutive terms.  He served four terms in the 80’s and 90’s and then mounted a comeback in 2010.

What caused Branstad to come out of retirement?  Well, Iowans elected an inexperienced 41 year-old governor in 2006 by the name of Chet Culver.  It didn’t take long to realize that Culver was completely incompetent and in over his head.  Iowa voters recognized that and rallied around Branstad, who immediately brought back competence to the office.

For some reason, Iowa Democrats think that an inexperienced 37 year old is what Iowa needs.  I doubt voters agree.

For the life of me I don’t understand why Olson wants to make Branstad’s age and length of service such a big issue.  According to the Population Reference Bureau, Iowa has the fourth oldest population in the country. Most people don’t view 60 year-olds as being washed up and useless anymore.  In fact many 60 and 70 year-olds are still productive and active members in their communities.  That’s something to celebrate, not campaign against.

So let’s see whom else Tyler Olson thinks is washed up:

Vice President Joe Biden – Age 70, has been in elected office for 40 years.

Biden makes Branstad look like a rookie.

Hillary Clinton – Age 65, has been in public service as long as Branstad.

Mike Gronstal – Age 63, first elected to the Iowa legislature in 1983!  Tyler and I were only seven years old.  It’s time for Gronstal to go!

You get the point. 

Checking in on the Register…

The National Enquirer called and wants to know why the Des Moines Register is using such salacious headlines.  Check out these U.S. Senate headlines.

U.S. Senate candidate: My black wife shows I’m not racist

U.S. Senate hopeful: ‘I did use illegal drugs, drink too much, lose my temper’

These attention getting headlines are for no-names candidates who nobody has ever heard of or even knew were running for the U.S. Senate.  I know the crack team of political reporters at the Register has been struggling to break news on the biggest political races in the state, but are we really going to stoop to the level of reporting on the political ramblings of cabbies and unemployed car salesmen?

Iowa Democrat Party the Party of Isolationists?

Apparently the Iowa Democrat Party believes that if you leave the state of Iowa for an extended period of time, you are no longer considered an Iowan.  Democrat blogger DesMoinesDem from Bleeding Heartland has published an excellent article that shows how foolish the IDP attacks on Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Young have been.

Young, who was born, raised, and educated in Iowa before going to Washington D.C. to work at the nation’s capitol, has been attacked by Iowa Democrats for not being a real Iowan.  If we are to apply this same standard, I guess Bruce Braley isn’t really an Iowa either.

Anyway, the Bleeding Heartland article is fantastic.  It’s refreshing to see a Democrat blogger call out one of their own. has been doing that since our inception in 2009.  It doesn’t always make us popular, but sometimes people need to hear the truth.

I can’t wait until IDP proposes building a double boarder fence about the state to help keep the non-Iowans separated from those of us who have never left for an extended period of time.  While I’m thinking about, I’m taking a two-week vacation this fall; will IDP still consider me to be an Iowan? Hmmm.

Think before you Tweet, err run for Governor

Jack Hatch is furious over Governor Branstad being in a car that broke the speed limit.  Why this story has legs is beyond me.  I would say that nine out of ten drivers speed, especially on a desolate road like Highway 20.  They act as if Branstad was weaving in and out of traffic on a busy I-235 through the heart of Des Moines.  Heck, he wasn’t even driving.  A well trained law enforcement officer was.

Those who are upset about Branstad’s speeding car should just be thankful they don’t live in New York or New Jersey.  A couple years ago, I was traveling from the Newark airport into New York City when Governor Chris Christie’s motorcade blew by to get in the tunnel ahead of our car.  Folks, this is common.

High-ranking federal government official have devices in the cars they ride in to change the stoplights so they don’t have to stop.  It’s done for security reasons.  So next time Obama is in town, I hope to see Hatch complaining that he didn’t stop at any stoplight.

Hatch tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

JACK HATCH: This morning the Branstad admin’s Chief Economic Development Official, Debi Durham, made a laughing matter of Governor’s speeding…

JACK HATCH: Apparently, when it comes to the Branstad administration, they believe they are above the law, and the joke’s on us…

JACK HATCH: This is not the Iowa way.  The Governor should humor us, and simply admit guilt, take responsibility, pay the ticket and move on.

I thought someone needed to respond to him.

IowaGOPer: Let’s see, I’ll take a governor who happened to be in a car going a “hard 90” over the guy who used the N-word in the capitol.

Why is Hatch even running?  Could a Republican who used the N-Word in the capitol be allowed to run for governor by the media?  I doubt it.


Maybe my mind was in the gutter when I read this in the Des Moines Register this week about the Hubbells suing the Terrace Hill Foundation for a fall at a Halloween event last year.

“The lawsuit said James Hubbell has “sustained the loss of consortium of his wife” as a result of the accident.”

Now, I know that the word “consortium” means more than just one thing, but does Mrs. Hubbell really do all of the yard work, cooking, and chores around their home.

I just found the entire thing kind of funny.

My message to Republican Primary voters.

I received a lot of positive feedback on the article I wrote about fundraising and the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate.  I know criticism of our own candidates isn’t what we always want to hear, but I think we as voters and activists should expect more, not less from our candidates.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to sit here and pretend that everyone is kicking butt when they are not.  The goal is to win the seat in November, and to do that, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and money.

It’s not wrong for voters to demand that their candidates rise to the level of their competition or the office that they seek.  Running for the U.S. Senate is a big deal, and our candidates should be judged accordingly.

Enjoy the weekend.


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