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September 27th, 2013

The Friday Roundup: Praise for RPI, Free Money for the Rich, No Pasta for Gays, Why You Can’t Stand With Rand

Spiker and Republican State Central Committee Get it Right

The pages of this website have often criticized the current leadership of the Republican Party of Iowa, but this week they deserve praise.  The public fiasco surrounding the date of the 2014 Republican State Convention could have been averted had party leaders reached out to interested parties before setting the date at the last State Central Committee meeting.

While the frustration and angst over the pushed back convention date was justified, the important thing to remember is that the convention is now back on its original date.  Props to the State Central Committee members who made it happen, but Chairman A.J. Spiker should also be commended for changing his mind on the matter.

I was also glad to see the Iowa GOP move its caucus date to sync up with Iowa Democrats.  If there is one thing that all Iowans can agree on, it’s the importance of Iowa’s First-in-the-Nation status.  Working together with Iowa Democrats on caucus related issues is incredibly important.  I have some great memories working with my Democrat counterparts in advance of the 2008 caucuses.  It’s not always easy, but it is always the right thing to do.

Your Tax Dollars At Work – Free Office Space for the Wealthy!  Complimentary Donuts?

The Des Moines City Council awarded a $3 million federal flood recovery grant to East Village Growth Partners LLC, a development company owned by Jim Cownie and Tim Rypma.  It seems odd to me that a vacant lot that was unscathed from the flood of 2008 qualifies for a federal flood recovery grant.

Wouldn’t you like to get a sweetheart deal like this?  East Village Growth Partners LLC buys the lot from the city for $400,000 in order to build its $9 million dollar project.  The mixed-use building will contain commercial space on the ground floor, then three floors of residential housing.  Eleven of the twenty units are to be low-income units for the first 10 years, then the top floor will house Cownie’s business office.

When you add the $3 million grant to the other subsidies that come with building or operating government assisted housing, it is likely that Cownie and Rypma will be able to build their $9 million property without having to tie up any of their own money.  You don’t have to be very good at business to turn a profit with that kind of deal.  Not only do pay nothing to build a $9 million property in a desirable location in Des Moines, but you also get a free office out of the deal.  Oh, and I’ll bet you a cup of coffee and a donut that a Cownie owned Dunkin Donuts is headed to the East Village.

What ever happened to the free market?

Barilla Pasta is the latest business to be targeted by gay-rights groups and the left-leaning media.    On Wednesday, Barilla Chairman, Guido Barilla, told an Italian radio host, “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.”

Of course Mr. Barilla’s comments have created a stir in the gay community, but what’s all the fuss over?  If a company doesn’t want to feature gay people in their ads, it’s their prerogative. It’s not like he said something hateful about gay people.  In fact, he even said that he supported gay marriage.  I highly doubt Barilla would want to use the cast of Honey Boo-Boo for its ads either.  I also wonder how I would even know if an actor in a pasta commercial was a homosexual.  I would also like to know if they think a traditional family scene in a commercial is offensive in some way.

As time goes by, it’s becoming clear that we are not living in a free market society.  Companies like Barilla should be able to advertise its products however they want.  If they want to appeal to homosexuals, that’s fine.  If they want to appeal to six-year-olds, that fine too.  As the consumer, I should be able determine what products I want to purchase, but that’s not good enough for the homosexual lobby.  No, they are going to demand that his company promote the gay lifestyle in their pasta ads.


An Internet Joke that Actually Made me Laugh

The year was 1947. Some of you will recall that on July 8, 1947, a little more than 65 years ago, numerous witnesses claim that an Unidentified Flying Object, (UFO), with five aliens aboard, crashed onto a sheep and mule ranch just outside Roswell, New Mexico.

This is a well-known incident that many say has long been covered-up by the U.S. Air Force, as well as other Federal Agencies and Organizations.  However, what you may NOT know is that in the month of April, year 1948, nine months after the historic day, the following people were born:

Barack Obama Sr.
Albert A. Gore, Jr.
Hillary Rodham
William J. Clinton
John F. Kerry
Howard Dean
Nancy Pelosi
Dianne Feinstein
Charles E. Schumer
Barbara Boxer
Joe Biden

This is the obvious consequence of aliens breeding with sheep and jack-asses.

Spoiler Alert:  Funny joke, but the birthdays on the list above don’t really check out.  For example, Kerry was born in 1943, four years before Roswell happened.  Who knows, maybe the aliens had some previous explorations of the planet Earth.

FEC says you can’t “Stand with Rand”

A pro-Rand Paul super PAC is now claiming that they are not promoting the Kentucky Senator, but libertarian author Ayn Rand following a dust up with the Federal Election Commission.  That’s funny since I still have my “Stand With Rand” placard from CPAC that features the silhouette of a man with crazy hair, not a woman with bad hair from the 1950s.

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