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November 7th, 2013

State Rep. Ron Jorgensen calls out State Sen. Herman Quirmbach for being fast and loose with facts over tuition freeze.

At 11:55 am on Saturday, October 2nd, State Senator Herman Quirmbach sent the following email to Iowa State students.

Hello, Cyclones!

I am State Senator Herman Quirmbach, your state senator in Ames, and I wanted to update you on the proposal to extend the current tuition freeze.

In September, the Iowa Board of Regents proposed freezing in-state undergraduate tuition for a second year.  To be able to do that, the Regents need a modest 4% increase in state appropriations to the universities.  Back in September, I convinced my Senate Democratic colleagues to support the tuition freeze proposal.

Now, at the Board of Regents meeting on October 24, Governor Branstad expressed a desire for a second tuition freeze–but stopped short of making a commitment.  So, we are making progress, but we still have a ways to go.

In my last email, I urged you to write the governor and your hometown legislators to urge them to support the freeze.  I know that many, many students did so, and to you goes the credit for helping to bring the governor along this far.  Well done!

It’s time to make another push!  Please take just a minute or two to contact the governor’s office.  You can send Governor Branstad a message by clicking message to governor.

We also need support from the Iowa House of Representatives, where the Republicans have the majority.  So far, the House Republican Caucus has not taken a public position.  We need you to contact them and urge them to get on board.  Go to House member to find your representative and his/her email address.

At the October Regents meeting, ISU student body president Spencer Hughes spoke up for out-of-state students.  He’s right.  We need to support higher state appropriations so as to limit tuition increases for all students!

Write the Governor and House members today!  Please help me help you!

Senator Herman Quirmbach
District 23 – Ames

P.S.  While you’re at it, forward this message your parents.  Their contacting the governor and the House Republicans will be a big help, too!

P.P.S.  You can email me at any time on any issue at [email protected].

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At 6:50 p.m. on Thursday, another email was sent to Iowa State Students, this one from State Representative Ron Jorgensen.


I am State Representative Ron Jorgensen from Sioux City. I serve as the Chair of the Education Committee in the Iowa House of Representatives.

Recently, you received an email from Senator Quirmbach regarding a tuition freeze at the Regents Universities. Republicans and Democrats came together in 2013 to achieve the tuition freeze and are in agreement once again that extending the freeze for a second year is a priority. Compliments are due to the Board of Regents for taking the initiative in its proposal to the General Assembly that included a tuition freeze for this current fiscal year and next.

In his email, Senator Quirmbach claims to be leading the charge on extending the tuition freeze while pointing a partisan finger at the Governor and House Republicans for being slow to respond. This is interesting since both the Governor and House Republicans had indicated that a tuition freeze is a priority, prior to Senator Quirmbach’s email being sent.

More interesting is that this tuition freeze could be going into its THIRD year if not for Senator Quirmbach. In 2012, House Republicans approved a bill that would have frozen tuition. Senator Quirmbach and his colleagues then voted to REMOVE the tuition freeze from the bill.

When House Republicans objected to its removal, Senate Democrats refused to add the tuition freeze back into the bill. Had the original House Republican bill been approved by Senator Quirmbach and his fellow Senators, we would be discussing the third year of a tuition freeze rather than just a second.

We also find it disappointing that Senator Quirmbach thought he had to “convince [his] Senate Democratic colleagues to support extending the tuition freeze.” House Republicans are fully aware of the benefits and that is why we are supportive of another tuition freeze at the Regent Universities. It is unfortunate that Senator Quirmbach is a year late to the discussion.

Please take a minute right now and send him a message about working together. Simply because a legislator is from another political party or a different part of the state should not stop Senator Quirmbach from cooperating and listening. Rejecting ideas because of partisanship is exactly how the mess in Washington D.C. started. Blind partisanship should not keep students from saving money when it comes to tuition.

Representative Ron Jorgensen

This message is being sent to a list commercially provided for a fee by the Iowa State University Registrar’s Office and paid for by Jorgensen for Iowa House. This e-mail is sent through a third-party, non-university email service.

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