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February 11th, 2013

Sorenson Responds to Ethics Complaints

DES MOINES – Senator Kent Sorenson (R-Milo) today offered the following response to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee complaints filed against him:

“Attached is my formal response to the State Senate Ethics Committee complaint filed against me. As you can see, the charges are totally baseless, without evidence, and a waste of Iowans’ time and money. I trust the Ethics Committee will not waste the people’s time any longer than they must, in dismissing this complaint. I decided to disclose publicly my response since the Committee’s business, which is supposed to be confidential, is already out there.

“Mr. Waldron is cited as the source for this disclosure, and not a member of the Committee itself, which is odd because I was informed by Mike Marshall, Secretary of the Senate, that Mr. Waldron claimed he would not leak these proceedings to the media. If it’s true that Mr. Waldron is the source of the disclosure, that already casts doubt on his credibility and thus the credibility of his complaints.

“Over the last four years I have done my best to stand up for what I believe in at a personal cost to me and my family. I have also worked diligently to repay the trust the people of my district put in me when they overwhelmingly rejected similar politics of personal destruction from my last opponent. I am not a rich man; just an ordinary Iowan like my constituents. For example, my wife and I have been up until 3:00 a.m. every night for the past week comforting our children through a terrible bout of whooping cough. I mention this to point out why it’s hard to get people of principle and integrity to run for office. It’s stressful enough on a family with everyday problems, let alone these kinds of shenanigans that accomplish nothing other than to give baseless blogs more baseless content.

“Please consider this statement my only public comment on the matter pending the Committee’s decision.”

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